MTN Mobile Electricity – MTN Yellow Box with Lumos Solar Home System

The MTN Mobile Electricity is a joint partnership between Nigeria’s largest telecommunication network, MTN, and maker of PayGo off-grid Solar Home Systems Lumos. The partnership was also supported by the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) to deliver 24/7 electricity to millions of Nigerians at an affordable price.

MTN Mobile Electricity

The hopes of Nigerians 24/7 access to electricity started in 2024 when the Federal Government partnered with Azuri Technologies to launch Azuri Quad. This was supposed to be a PayGo off-grid solar home system that will offer power to off-grid communities across the country. However, MTN is bringing something more practical with its Mobile Electricity platform. Unlike the Azuri Quad, MTN Mobile Electricity will be able to power up electric fans, TV, and laptops. It’s also made for everyone, households, businesses, communities, etc.

MTN Mobile Electricity Unboxing

MTN Mobile Electricity is very family-friendly, and it’s very easy to install and use. Now let’s see what you get in the package.

• 80W Solar Panel unit with Cables – This will be mounted outside, preferably on top of the house, and should get enough sunlight. Then the cables will be used to connect it to the house, office, shop, etc.

• 300Wh Lumos Solar Home System In-door Unit (MTN Yellow Box) – The yellow box collects the renewable energy from the 80W Solar Panel through the cables and charges its inbuilt battery.

• USB Mobile Phone Charger – Of course one of the advantages of the MTN Yellow Box is how you can use it to charge up your device anytime.

• 2 x LED Energy Efficient Bulbs – You get two free LED light bulbs and use it know when there’s enough power in the MTN Yellow Box.

• 60W DC to AC converter – The MTN Yellow Box can be used as an inverter, the output is direct current.

• Easy Self-Installation Mounting Kit – This will let you know everything about how to install and use the MTN Mobile Electricity.

What is the MTN Yellow Box Battery capacity

The Yellow Box houses a 300WH battery, with 6-hours of sunlight the built-in battery should be fully charged. When fully charged it can now practically power a 20W light bulb for about 15 hours. It’s all about the more loads it gives power, the lesser time you get.

How To Set-up MTN Mobile Electricity

You will find everything you need to know inside the installation mounting kit. You just need to mount the 80W solar panel on a roof or pole ( the closer to the sun, the better ). Then connect with the cables to the MTN Yellow Box which should be inside your house or office. That’s it; you start getting an uninterrupted power supply to power up your devices.

How Much is MTN Mobile Electricity

The package is very affordable for what it offers, for just N20,000 you’ll get the full package. After making the payment and receiving the full hardware, you need to subscribe to a Pay As You Go MTN Mobile Electricity Subscription plan. The plans will be listed below. Please note that the Yellow Box is locked and you have to activate a subscription plan to access the electricity stored in the built-in battery. After paying for a subscription plan, the MTN network will give you immediate access to the stored energy only for a specific period.

MTN Mobile Electricity Subscription Plans & Codes

Check out the plans below, the more days plan you buy, the more the discount.

• A Day Plan costs just N230. To subscribe, text “1” to 317.

• 5 Days Plan costs just N1,000 (that’s about N200 per Day). To subscribe, text “5” to 317.

• 10 Days Plan costs just N1,800 (that’s about N180 per Day). To subscribe, text “10” to 317.

• 20 Days Plan costs just N3,300 (that’s about N165 per Day). To subscribe, text “20” to 317.

• 30 Days Plan costs just N4,500 (that’s about N150 per Day). To subscribe, text “30” to 317.

• 90 Days Plan costs just N12,600 (that’s about N140 per Day). To subscribe, text “90” to 317.

• 180 Days Plan costs just N23,400 (that’s about N130 per Day). To subscribe, text “180” to 317.

• 365 Days Plan costs just N46,720 (that’s about N128 per Day). To subscribe, text “365” to 317.

• 1800 Days Plan costs just N219,000 (that’s about N122 per Day). To subscribe, text “1800” to 317.

How to Recharge MTN Mobile Electricity

Have you selected a plan yet and want to subscribe? Or your plan is about to expire and you want to recharge? When you buy the package, you’ll be given an MTN mobile number which is linked to the Yellow Box. You will use the number to send the above text messages depending on your preferred plan. You’ll be able to recharge the mobile number just like you recharge your other MTN mobile numbers. Make sure the airtime on the MTN SIM is enough to buy the subscription plan.

How To Cancel MTN Mobile Electricity Subscription Plans

Immediately you buy a subscription plan; you’re automatically eligible for an Auto-renewal on that plan. You can cancel the Auto-renewal by texting EXIT to 317 from the same mobile number.

Terms And Conditions

This Mobile Electricity has terms and conditions as expected. You have to use it for at least 20 days in a month, or you will be required to pay for all the dormant days for the previous month before buying a new plan. Furthermore, if you don’t subscribe to a plan for more than 60 days, you could lose ownership of the package. However, there’s good news, after paying a subscription plan for up to 1800 days, you won’t have to pay ever again. The system will automatically unlock permanently allowing you to enjoy energy without having to pay ever again.

You must be thinking, “what of damages?” Well, the MTN Mobile Electricity comes with five years warranty. MTN and Lumos will be able to take care of the maintenance of the system free of charge during the five years.


MTN Mobile Electricity

The MTN Mobile Electricity indoor unit offers renewable energy to Nigerians; it has eight DC output ports. You can use it to charge mobile phones, tablets, laptops, electric fan, and TV. However, the converter can only supply 60W max so that the TV might drain it fast. It’s more like having a micropower solar inverter with 60W of power.

Overall, it’s perfect for both households and businesses, those in off-grid communities can depend on it. While those on the grid can connect to it when the normal electricity fails. Even though it’s obviously more expensive, but it’s far better than what the Federal Government is offering with Azuri Quad and its 10W solar panel.

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  1. Your service is very poor. You are scammers.. your scam started buy not indicating the amount of TV voltage and and appliances to be used. You never mentioned it.
    Scam 2 is whenever I have an active plan and I want to activate more and and activate for 30 days, I will be activated for 1 day only. And the 1 day will be deducted from my account. I have tried to rectify this problem all to no avail. How can a press a 30 days command and u give me an expensive daily plan just because you want to make more money. Even if my airtime is not sufficient for the 30 days, you should simply tell me insufficient rather than forcing to to plan I never applied for.
    I can’t ask an ATM for 5 naira and I will be given 1 naira. .


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