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How to change screen resolution in Android Nougat without root

A few days ago we taught you to change the resolution of your devices in any version of Android through an application available in the Google store. However, it needed root permissions to work correctly. In the same way that we did with the article on how to change the DPI without being superusers, this time we will teach you to change the resolution without root in Android from Nougat.

Although this option is available from version 7 of Android on all devices that contain it, some customization layers have the same from versions previous to Nougat.

Change the resolution of the screen without root or third-party applications

Android Nougat introduced a series of fascinating features. Some of these are inherited directly from the root world, and changing the resolution of the system is one of them.

For this purpose, we will only have to refer to the Android Settings application and access the Screen section. Next, we will select the Screen size option, and we will choose between the different available sizes, which will depend on each device. As we can not change it manually in the same way as in the previously linked article, we will have to be guided by the size of the icons and the text shown on the screen, being able to enjoy resolutions closer to those of a tablet than to those of a smartphone.

This feature, together with the possibility of changing the DPI of the corresponding article, will allow us to modify the visualization of the system to our liking as if it were a desktop system and both without the need to install root or third-party applications on our devices.

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