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Essential Phone has camera app updated; users praise

When it was released, the Essential Phone (PH-1) garnered a number of accolades about its modularity and design, but there was a serious disregard, in a way, for the company: the camera. After much criticism, however, the company has released a series of updates focused on photography.

Last Thursday, however, Essential used its official Twitter profile to announce the arrival of yet another update, also inserting the link to the app in the Google Play Store. This application, even, was downloaded less than 50 thousand times, giving an idea of ​​the number of sales.

We have just released an update for the Essential camera app (build with various stability fixes for the camera, Facebook Live 360 ​​and YouTube Live 360.

Essential’s effort to repair the damage caused by the PH-1’s camera was so much that users began to notice, garnering praise for the brand:

You guys have really been able to get around the camera situation. I am impressed and happy to have given you a chance. Keep up the fantastic work!

If you own an Essential Phone, just like the Mobile Todo , then use the platform below to be redirected to the Google Play Store to download the update.

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  1. am gonna download mine later it seems that the app is a good one,that a good job from the great team and thanks to our admin for sharing this with us.


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