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Facebook introduces “Order Food” – You can now order food on Facebook

Facebook is the world’s biggest social network with over a billion registered users. Facebook keeps adding new features onto its platform (both web, mobile and app) almost daily just to improve users experience and in turn retain its number one spot as Social network king.

The latest added feature on Facebook web and app platform is the “Order Food” option. This feature aim to makes it easier for users to order food directly from the Facebook page of their favorite restaurants within the Facebook app or website.

In simple terms, you don’t have to leave Facebook to the website of your favorite restaurant before ordering your favorite pizza, snack or any other food, you can do it right on Facebook​. Not only that, you can also pay for the service on Facebook too.

To use the “Order Food” option, users using Facebook via the App can click on the “blue and white hamburger icon” in the Menu options. The hamburger icon has an “Order Food” text right in front of it.

Facebook order food
Facebook Order Food icon on the Facebook App

For users operating their Facebook account on a Desktop or Laptop​, the Order Food option on PC is denoted by a very bright and colorful live Hamburger emoji? located in the menu.

Facebook Order Food
Facebook Order Food icon on Facebook Web

The Order Food service is currently available to selected users and locations. As well, not all restaurants are presently supported in the Order Food service on Facebook but the​ number of available restaurants will surely surge over time.

The whole “Order Food” process is powered by Delivery.com or Slice. These two platforms handles the process from the start to finish – from browsing the menu, adding items (your food) to your cart, editing​ the order, adding​ a suggested tip up to payment for the order.

The image below is the order confirmation landing page of a successful food order process for a Facebook user who have tried out the feature.

Facebook Order Food

This feature will save users the stress of having to checking the pages of all restaurant’s page to see if they offer online ordering service or not. Restaurant who offer online ordering are automatically added to the list of nearby local restaurant whenever you intend ordering food.

Image Credit – TechCrunch

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