Facebook is testing the “downvote” button, replacing the “dislike” button

Comment from some members on Reddit on Thursday said Facebook has created a downvote button to replace the dislike. Currently, Facebook has confirmed this information with the site Business Insider.

More specifically, Facebook says it has tested this feature with about 5% of Android users in the US as a way to help them evaluate whether specific comments on public posts are appropriate.

Although the original report from Twitter users said the downvote was similar to dislike, Facebook announced the downvote of comment did not affect how it displayed on Facebook. However, at the present time, this social network has no plans to expand the test.

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On Thursday, some Facebook users saw below the comments that the “downvote” option appeared next to the “like” and “reply” buttons.

“We do not test dislike buttons. We’re exploring a feature for people to provide us with feedback on post comments on public pages. This is a small group of people in the US, “a Facebook spokeswoman said.

According to the Twitter report, the community said that when users choose to downvote comments, they can choose from a list of decision-making options, such as marking out offensive or misleading comments. Wrong).

In this way, it looks like Facebook will help users to report false information from posts.

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In July, Facebook design director Julie Zhuo said she had heard the user complain about having only a button for a comment. And CEO Mark Zuckerberg also said in 2015 that the company was working with a downvote button at the time.

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