Facebook’s Internal Mails Have Exposed The Cambridge Analytica Scandal

Finally, the social media giant Facebook has disclosed the internal emails related to the CA scandal. Facebook did this after a long time that too after receiving many protests from all around the world. The disclosed emails clearly show that Facebook was aware of the Cambridge Analytica scandal two years before the data breach opened to the world.

Through the internal emails, the truth came out that one of the employees of Facebook knew about the illegal activities of the UK based Analytica Cambridge. The employee also warned Facebook about the data policies of the CA. This fact was revealed during the month of March this year.


The email received with the subject “clarify policies around platform scraping for politics” revealed that the sketchy data model of the Cambridge Analytica had gone deep inside Facebook’s market and it is using a data scrapper to extract all the data from Facebook. Cambridge Analytica has been described as the largest and aggressive firm for data extracting by illegal means. This mail was drafted on 22nd September 2015, the date which is two years before the scandal became viral.

It is to be noted that Facebook was made aware of the fact that the data collected by the “This Is Your Digital Life” was sold to Cambridge Analytica in 2015 during the month of December.

FTC imposed a massive fine of $5 billion on Facebook for finding it to be responsible for the loss of data of millions of users. It happened during the last month, and so far, it is the largest fine which has been imposed on a company for compromising consumer privacy.

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