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GamingCast, the ChromeCast app to play Pong and other retro games

The CHROMECAST of Google is certainly one of the most useful gadgets. While it is true that we have at our disposal a few alternatives, the Google solution is really complete. And more after knowing GamingCast, the app that allows us to play retro games completely free of charge.

We are talking about an application that you can now download for free and that will allow you to enjoy a few retro games on GamingCast through your Chromecast. Say that this application takes time in the market but before it cost a euro, so you can not miss this opportunity to play the retro games that have completely free.

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Unfortunately, the available catalog is quite limited, we must remember that ChromeCast is not a device with a lot of internal storage, so it is not viable to have an app with too many games, although there is some other title available in GamingCast that is going to Help spend those little moments.

This is the GamingCast game catalog for ChromeCast

As we said, the game catalog is quite limited when we talk about retro games. Currently, we can play Xonix, Tetrominoes, Flapper, Breakout and the one that we found most fun: Pong in multiplayer mode. And is that the possibility of playing against a friend in one of the most epic games of the 70 is priceless.

The best? that with GamingCast we will not need any command to play the different games available in its catalog. In this case, we will use our mobile phone as a command to enjoy the different titles that are on your platform. Also, keep in mind that the team of developers behind GamingCast has promised that sooner rather than later will be expanding the catalog available so we can enjoy more titles.

And if we take into account that this app is completely free, we think it is a great option for those times of death with our friends. Nothing better than a few piques to pong to see who chooses film! Finally, we leave the download link so you can try GamingCast on your TV through ChromeCast.

Download GamingCast for ChromeCast

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