Google Chrome will renew its design in September

For a few weeks, it has been announced that a new update of Google Chrome will arrive soon. The new update of the browser promises to be important because it is going to renew the design of it. And we will not have to wait too long until this new version is official. Because in a few weeks he will be among us.

Google Chrome will renew its design in September

The own Google already confirmed in July that the launching of this new update approached, in which there would be a new design in the navigator. A key moment, since the design change promises to be remarkable.

New design in Google Chrome

It will be next September 4 when the new version of Google Chrome is released officially. We are facing version number 69 of the popular browser. An update with which the company hopes to maintain its leadership in the market, after seeing how its competitors are also growing in the market in these past months.

The design is inspired by Material Design 2, which will change some important aspects, such as browser tabs. Now they will be shown with a somewhat more rounded shape. Also, the navigation bar will change its shape and color. In general, a cleaner and more pleasant interface for users will be presented.

In about two weeks we will be able to have Google Chrome 69 in our team, with a new and renewed design. So we will have to see if users receive this version of the browser with open arms. Surely we get more data these days.

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