Google Night Sight – Night photography is the big focus of Pixel devices

Currently, there is much more competition in the world of smartphone cameras. With manufacturers, to bet not only on the amount of sensors, but also, in their incredible modes, such as panorama, portrait mode and clear, night mode.

So it is clear that Google does not want to be left behind in this field! Incidentally, it is impressive how the company is recognized for its photographic quality, in mobile phones with only a rear sensor.

Well now, the new bet for your Pixel smartphones is Night Sight, or in other words Night Mode!

If you think about it, you use your camera more, take pictures at night or in low-light locations. Than to take panoramic photos, or even in portrait mode.

In short, Google has realized where users are looking for an improvement… And as you may have noticed, it’s night shots!

As a result, the company is currently improving its Night Vision feature. Putting it like this, as one of the main modes of photography of their smartphones.

That is, you will find the night mode “Night Sight” in place, where you would find the panorama mode when the next update arrives.

With this in mind, Android Q main modes of the Pixel smartphones will be- Night visionPortraitCameraVideo, and More option. Where, you will find all other modes and settings.

Making night mode one of the main modes for Pixel devices is an excellent bet by Google. After all, according to the publicity made by Google we can see, how much is superior to the iPhone XS, which does not have a dedicated night mode … The difference is incredible!

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First, keep in mind that despite the huge effort of Google. This mode, still can not overcome the night mode of Huawei

After all, despite all the good news, there are missing features that can make a huge difference. Like the ability to adjust the white balance. Where the icon that allowed this selection is nowhere to be found.

That is, however good the software is, the automatic mode often fails

After all, the ability to manually adjust the whites before taking a picture is something expected in many other brands, such as Samsung.

Having said all this despite evolution on the right path. Google may be making the mistake of removing important functionality for consumers. Something that may not be very appreciated by enthusiasts of this brand who love the camera and post-image processing equipment.

Besides, what do you think about this? Share with us your opinion in the comments below.

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