Headphone Jacks Endangered But Here’re Favourite Smartphones that have them

These days, some smartphone manufacturers are cutting off a few things from devices. Flagship mobile devices are the most affected because the makers are looking for ways to rid devices of things that they consider are not as important as such things as battery, camera or some chipset components. Yet, at this time that smartphone makers think it is cute to do away with the headphone jack, here are very good smartphones that still patronize the endangered headphone jack. Don’t bother, some of these smartphones may not have been made in 2024 but they are still very popular among users. Plus, you can consider these phones as some of the best out there even as we move towards 2019 ending.

Motorola Moto G7

Motorola G7 Play
Motorola G7 Play

This Moto G7 is a big smartphone that comes with a small price. Sometimes, a user buys a smartphone that has superior quality and he or she is so astounded at finding such great quality at almost a giveaway price. G7 is certainly one of such smartphones. This phone apart from retaining the headphone jack also doesn’t sacrifice overall usability for anything. This 2GB RAM phone is not the best in the world but its arrival was celebrated. Of course, there were people who thought that it would not have the headphone jack, probably in a way that will signal a new world of smartphones but regarding the jack, no. Moto G7 is keeping it. Period.

Apple iPhone SE

Apple iPhone SE 2

Ah, Apple loves to sift anything it finds to be a little clutter out of iPhone. But when this SE edition arrived in 2016, the smartphone was a hit in the sense that it had a very favorable rating for a long time. That was even when top-notched smartphones were coming in without the headphone jack. The reason this phone is on this list is that you may wish to have iPhone that comes with a headphone jack. Yes, you don’t need a dongle converter or lightning earbud needed. Of course, it is a little out of fashion right now but this is the latest iPhone that comes with the headphone jack.

LG G8 ThinQ

LG G8X ThinQ

To let you know just how much LG cares about sound, the company has maintained its commitment to the headphone jack while doing more. It has added audiophile features , a Quad DAC A.K.A digital to analog converter. These help to improve the aural experience of you the user plugging in your headphones to enjoy surround sound powers that many smartphones don’t provide. In other words, LG was not moved at all to be swayed by peer pressure and bend to what obtains at the time it was released.

Although the mobile device fails to measure up to the prestige given to some other flagship smartphones, if you care so much about making use of headphones, this phone is way to go and you won’t be disappointed because it comes at a budget-friendly price.


Even today, the 3.5 mm headphone connector is still one of the truly universal standards that smartphone users deem appropriate. It takes away some kinds of worry you may experience if you go wireless. Connecting is as easy as plugging in and a hundred percent of the time, you can be assured that it will work, while the cordless device owners are checking if one end is working or not.

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