How To Archive Posts On Instagram

Instagram needs no introduction as it is widely known as a Photo and Video sharing platform. Well, asides sharing of photos, short videos and stories, did you know you could archive posts on Instagram? Not just photos and videos but stories too.

Archiving your post on Instagram is similar to saving a photo or video to a private cloud where no one, but you have access to it. When you archive your posts on Instagram, the posts are will still be on Instagram but not on your profile. The posts will be taken to a special place on your profile where only you can see.

Archive Posts on Instagram

You can also undo the process of archiving it and return those posts back to your profile at any time for all your followers to see. That is, of course, if you want. Any post can be archived, regardless of when it was posted. From photos to videos to even stories. You can even go to your very first post or any other post on your Instagram account and archive it, thereby removing it from your profile but not from Instagram.

This gives you a private space to view those photos you might or might be contemplating on deleting. Subsequently giving you a second chance to return the post back to your profile, delete it or leave it there if you have not made up your mind yet.

This feature was added by Instagram sometime last year and not a lot of people know about it or even care to use the feature to date. If you are among those that just found out about this feature and would like to make use of it, then be sure to follow these few easy steps below.

How To Archive Posts On Instagram

⚫ Open the Instagram App on your Android or iOS device.

⚫ Click on your Profile that is located at bottom right Corner of the screen.

⚫ Select Any Post You Want To Archive.

⚫ Click on Three Dots at the top right corner of the screen.

⚫ Now Select Archive from the drop-down options.

How To See Your Archived Posts

⚫ In The Instagram App.

⚫ Navigate to your Profile Section.

⚫ Click On the Clock-Like Button at the top of the app.

This is where you see all the photos, videos and stories you have archived. Any posts you see in this place can only be seen by you and you alone. Whenever you feel like undoing it and returning some or all your archived post then Goto Profile >> Clock-Like Logo >> Click On The Particular Post >> Click The Three Dots at the top right corner >> Click On Show on Profile.


I’ve been using this feature since it first showed up on Instagram sometimes last and it is really cool. I also use it as a cloud storage to store my photos and videos. Some are also using to remove those throwback pictures they first uploaded to their account. Pictures they don’t want to delete just yet.

Now that you know how to archive posts on Instagram, do Let us know in the comment section if you would be archiving any of your posts.

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