How to backup Xiaomi Mi 9 and Mi 9 SE

An urgent procedure to learn is how to perform a Xiaomi Mi 9 backup. The reason? Having an up-to-date security copy is the most important thing you need to learn how to do with your smartphone. Also and above all with new or brand new ones, as in the case of Xiaomi Mi 9. After seeing what are the steps to perform a hard reset and to take a screenshot, we now see the step by step procedure for the Xiaomi Mi 9 backup. This procedure is also valid for the Xiaomi Mi 9 SE and for the transparent Mi 9.

Settings, apps, and clouds- three paths for the same goal

The importance of backing up Xiaomi Mi 9 should now be acquired, as everyone knows how valuable their personal data is. Now we keep everything on our smartphones and it is unthinkable that we can lose this data (photos, documents, videos, contacts, messages, etc.) in less than an instant. The technological devices, in fact, although modern and of the latest generation, are subject to breakages, blocks and unforeseen events of various kinds (including theft), phenomena that compromise both our security and the integrity of our data.

Today, making a Xiaomi Mi 9 backup has become really simple and there are several solutions available, from the use of specific apps to the settings provided by the smartphone itself. In all cases it is an extremely simple and quick process, but very valuable. Very often you can also automatically schedule the Xiaomi Mi 9 backup, no longer having to pose the problem as it will be the smartphone or the app to regularly save the data we want to secure.

Xiaomi Mi 9

It is important to update your security copies, so as not to lose recent data by restoring versions that are too old. Using smartphones every day new files are added, old ones are overwritten and others are deleted; backup is a photograph of the most important data that can then be reinstated at any time.

For Xiaomi Mi 9 smartphones it is possible, as mentioned, to choose between three different solutions- the use of dedicated apps, the settings menu of the operating system and, again, of the Mi Cloud platform. There are no differences from the point of view of the procedure or the quality of the backup, but the destination of saving the files. For those using the function in the settings menu of the operating system will have a backup that will be saved in the internal memory of the device. For those using the cloud procedure instead, it will have the backup saved outside the phone, on a different platform. The choice is obviously entirely personal, but saving the backup files out of the phone is preferable so that if the phone is damaged to such an extent that it is no longer lit, backup files are still available and eventually recoverable even on other devices.

Xiaomi Mi 9 backup procedure via Mi Cloud

  • Log in to your Mi Account;
  • Enter the Settings menu of the smartphone;
  • Select Mi Account;
  • Select the Device Backup item;
  • Press on Mi Cloud Backup;
  • Wait for the procedure to end automatically.

Xiaomi Mi 9 backup procedure via the Settings menu

  • Enter the Settings menu of the smartphone;
  • Select the item Additional settings;
  • Select Backup locally and then Backup;
  • Wait for the procedure to end automatically;
  • Press Ok to complete the backup.
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