How To Download And Install Google Camera (GCam Mod) For Mi A3 Android One?

Xiaomi recently aided the expansion of its Android One portfolio by unveiling Mi A3 in India, providing owners an AMOLED display, 3 cameras, and a cool Android experience. The device possesses a 48MP primary sensor and Xiaomi’s stock camera applications that will offer you several features, however, we are all aware that Google Camera mods are popular for a reason. They simply help to snap better photos, with proper details and improved dynamic range, as opposed to the stock camera app.

Therefore, those that wish to purchase a Mi A3 would expectedly search for the best Google Camera m0d for the phone. We are here to stop you from beginning any search and give you a quick solution. Let’s break down How To Download And Install Google Camera (GCam Mod) For Mi A3 Android One?:

How Can I Get GCam Mod On Mi A3?

Testing has gone down for a lot of popular Google camera mods like Arnova8G2, BSG e.t.c, but the Camera PX is the best of them all when it comes to pictures. A lot of its features worked brilliantly. The Night Sight was superb but the slow-motion video capture was quite poor.

How Can I Install GCam On Mi A3?

  • Before anything else, get the GCam m0d APK for Mi A3 downloaded here. You might have to allow the installation of applications from 3rd-party sources if you are yet to do that for the browser you are using to download the file.
  • You have to deactivate the motion photos option if you want GCam m0d to function without crashing. You don’t have to access saturation, contrast, or other library settings since it works just fine.


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  • After that, everything is ready for you to start snapping beautiful pictures from your Mi A3 using the Google Camera mod.

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How Can I Snap Amazing Photos With Google Camera On Mi A3?

Xiaomi’s Android One-backed Mi A3 mobile device comes with a brilliant triple-camera setup that users will definitely appreciate. However, everybody knows the Google Camera boosts the experience, provides you doper photos, proper details, sharpness, and precise colors.

Therefore, if you are trying to elevate the picture-capturing experience on the freshly launched Mi A3, download the GCam m0d on your mobile device immediately.

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