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What is Modified Application (MOD) and What Are the Dangers

Talking about MOD Apk or Modified Applications, it seems familiar to Android device users. Lots of people may include friends who use Mod applications, such as game MODs, WhatsApp MODs, Instagram Mods, Spotify Mods, Happymods, grab Mods, Gojek Mods and many others.

Well, there are also many people who don’t know what a m0d application is, its uses, and the dangers/risks when using the Mod application. For that, my friend needs to see the review below about the MOD Application.

What is a MOD (Modify) application?

Mod Application
Mod Application

You need to understand, MOD itself stands for Minor Operating Department, which is an official or original application that is modified and developed by a third party/unofficial developer which basically changes the official application so that it has additional features and even some of them are able to change something that should be paid for. be free.

Furthermore, the modification of the application is in the form of changing some system files such as adding, editing, or deleting so as to produce a MOD version with different features and tends to be superior to the official application developed by the official developer.

Applications that are modified in such a way by programmers or hackers, mostly have the aim of unlocking premium features or making paid features free for all users, so that it will harm the official developers.

The Mod application itself consists of two kinds that we know of, first the MOD which underwent slight modifications such as bypassing the limit/trial so that it can be used continuously, and the second MOD application which underwent massive changes both in terms of design/appearance, features so that looks very different from the original version of the application, for example WhatsApp MOD which is being discussed a lot.

Why Is There a Modification Application?

This question is asked by many Android users, of course the answers are many. But we try to summarize some statements why there is a Mod application:

  • There are complaints from users about official applications, for example frequent bugs, frequent errors, limited features, lots of ads, and others.
  • Many requests from users
  • There is a forum for hackers and crackers. Well, there are lots of hacker forums on social media or directly that discuss modifying applications, therefore ideas are often created from them to modify official applications.
  • Become a place for testing and testing the capabilities of developers/vendors.
  • The system in some applications is less secure. The name is a system, there must be a gap that can be penetrated. Yes this is one of the reasons why it can be a Mod application.

How Can Applications Be Modified?

Why can it be modified? The answer is because the Android OS is included as an application, indeed from the beginning the agreement that the application system that includes the Android OS is Open Source.

This is the reason why many developers or vendors are competing to modify the system in the application. However, the official developer of the application owner, especially large applications such as the Mobile Legend game, or PUBG and Free Fire, does not remain silent. They continue to improve the penetrated system, also follow up on players or users who are caught using Mod Cheats.

Especially if it’s an Application Mod that makes paid items, becomes all free, or gets large amounts of diamonds without spending a penny. This action will not be silenced by its official application vendors.

Well, we outline the stages of how to make modification applications made by developers/programmers:

  1. Decompiler

Well, generally the first step they take is to decompile the finished application or extract it so that it brings up a lot of data that is ready to be modified.

  1. Disassembly

For the next step, they will change or recode the libgame function. If you want to follow to make mods, then you must know the function of each part. This is very difficult to do if you don’t have basic programming at all.

  1. Patching

The other step is that the programmer will replace the original code file with a new file code according to the code they have created when disassembly

  1. Recompile

The last step is the step that converts a set of partfiles into a compiler form that can be executed directly by them.

That’s pretty much how it is. Buddy want to try to make a modification application? Understand the science of programming first yes!

Dangers of Using MOD Apps

For those of you who want to use the Mod application, of course you have to understand the dangers or risks that can be obtained. What is it?

  • Carrying Virus or Malware is dangerous.

This is not just a fairy tale. Make no mistake, the m0d apk that you have seen so far is safe, in fact many m0d apk carry viruses or malware that harm the system of your device.

  • There are indications of SPY/spies. It is also very dangerous and threatens your privacy. It’s not only the contents of your gallery that can be seen, but maybe your transaction activities, digital wallets, or those related to finances, may have been recorded and can be taken over by hackers at any time.
  • Does not promise 100% safe
  • Permanently Banned Account Threat.

Of course this has been felt by many gamers. Many of them have lost their favorite accounts such as Mobile Legend, PUBG, Free Fire, and other games because they were detected using cheats or Modification applications. Also WhatsApp often gives notifications about accounts that will be banned if found and detected using modified applications.

  • There are POP UP advertisements that are not clear, such as gambling ads, genital enlargement ads, and other weird ads.
  • And other dangerous risks.
  • Disadvantaging DevelopersDevelopers are the main victims of the MOD APK. Because the basis of APK modification is to change, replace or delete part of the data encryption structure that has been created by the developer . Developers here also benefit from transactions inside and outside the application. Such as (Microtransactions), feature additions and appearance changes, life extensions and others.

    However, this can only be accessed for free by users via MOD APK. Indeed, indirectly, users benefit from the free access provided by the APK modifier. But on the other hand, developers experience losses with the decline of the applications they have made. As a result, the digital products they develop will eventually lose the market. And be removed from the Google Play Store system.

How to Install All Application Mods

Installing a modified application is actually not much different from installing an official application through the Google Play Store. But there are some differences when installing it, because the Mod application is not linked by Play Protect, so your device will read the m0d application as an unknown application.

Then how to open the permissions?

  • First, please open the settings or settings on the cellphone.
  • If so, select application management
  • You can find the option “Allow Unknown Apps”. If you have found it, you can click the toggle button until it turns on.
  • Now, just install the Mod application as usual.
  • Done!

The final word

Do you understand what a modified application (MOD) is and the dangers you get, right? Hopefully this discussion will be your consideration when you want to use the MOD application!

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