What is Youtube Blue Apk? see all you need to know here!

Youtube Blue Apk
Youtube Blue Apk

Ever heard of the name Youtube Blue Apk? Yes, as the name implies, this Youtube application has a blue base color instead of red like the Youtube application in general on your cellphone. Unlike the original version of Youtube, this Youtube application excels in features and themes. Because it has been modified, this Blue Youtube gives a new impression to its users. This can be seen from the other side and the premium features in it.

This application is also based on the Youtube Api which adds some additional scripts. To this day the Blue YouTube apk has been downloaded by many people. If you are still not familiar with this one Youtube application, then please read the following review.

Youtube Blue Apk Features

Youtube Blue
Youtube Blue


You need to know that Youtube blue is not a legal or official application so there are some risks or shortcomings that will be obtained when using this application. However, even so, compared to the official version of the Youtube application, this Blue Youtube apk application has several advantages in its features. For more details, please listen to the explanation of each feature below.

Blue Theme (Youtube Blue Apk)

The attraction of this Blue Youtube apk application is in terms of the appearance and basic color of the application. Therefore, to this day thousands of people have downloaded the latest version of the Youtube application. If you feel bored with the appearance of the same Youtube, of course using the Youtube Blue Apk is the solution. With attractive colors, of course you will feel more comfortable in using it.

Premium Unlocked

Another reason why this application is also very popular is because the Blue Youtube apk has been modified in such a way that loyal Youtube users feel more comfortable when using it. The availability of a premium version with unlocked premium features makes you more comfortable enjoying various videos without the need to subscribe like in the Youtube application in general.

No Ads (No Ads)

Another advantage of this Blue Youtube application is that you don’t have to bother anymore to skip ads on every video you watch. However, of course the content creators do not agree with this feature. However, if you are the type of person who likes to watch videos on Youtube without being bothered by a lot of ads and sometimes even excessive, then this Blue Youtube apk is the solution.

Video and Music Player

It is undeniable that the YouTube platform has millions of fans around the world. These Youtube users are lovers of music and popular videos in various countries. Similar to the Youtube application that you are currently using, the Blue Youtube apk also offers music and video content that you can enjoy.

Multi Tab

You can’t enjoy the multi tab feature on Youtube if you are still using the free version of Youtube. If you get a message and then open the message application, your Youtube application automatically cannot be used. Of course this will not happen if you use the Blue Youtube apk application. Simultaneously you can open various other applications without having to exit the Youtube application while using other applications.

Rotate Background

Another feature of the Blue Youtube apk that you will not get when using the free version of Youtube is the feature of playing songs from Youtube videos that you watch without having to be in the application. You can enjoy songs from Youtube even if your cellphone is turned off or locked. Please play the music of your choice and the songs will be in the background.


By using this blue application from Youtube, you can also subscribe to channels from your favorite content creators on Youtube. Just by pressing the subscribe button, you will immediately get notifications from your favorite content creators when you have a new video uploaded on their channel.

Download Videos (Watch Offline)

The features for downloading videos or watching videos offline can basically also be found on the official Youtube application. However, sometimes there are some videos that can’t be downloaded. Some content creators sometimes intentionally do not provide access to download the videos they upload. In addition, even though the video can be downloaded, sometimes Youtube experiences errors or troubles during the download process. Of course something like this will make a lot of Youtube users upset and quite disappointed. Because of some of these things, many users have finally switched to using the Blue Youtube apk. In addition to having a more attractive appearance, this one application is also quite reliable for downloading videos.

HD Quality

Although it is an unofficial type of application, the videos that you can watch using Youtube Blue are still in HD quality. Please enjoy the videos with the best quality from this application. However, to enjoy the videos with the best quality, of course you need a lot of quota. The higher the quality of the video you watch, the more internet data is needed.


Like the original Youtube version, with Youtube Blue you can also enjoy various content from various countries in the world by utilizing the subtitle feature in it. This subtitle feature will certainly help you understand every video you watch.


In addition to having a multi tab feature, this one application also has a minimize feature. This feature makes it easy for you to open other applications while playing Youtube videos.

Dual Installation

When you download the Youtube Blue apk application, you don’t have to delete the official Youtube application on your cellphone. You can have both of these applications without needing to uninstall one of them.

No Root

In general, some Mod applications require root access when downloaded. Of course root is very dangerous because it can damage the system on the smartphone. However, to download this Youtube Blue application, you don’t have to do the root process. you just need to download the application. After that, please install and the application is ready to use.

How to Download Youtube Blue Apk

Youtube Blue 2
Youtube Blue

After knowing some of the main features in this application, the next step is to download the Youtube blue apk application. Here are some installation steps that you can follow.

  • Before downloading this blue Youtube apk app, make sure to have a good and fairly smooth connection.
  • To download it, please do a search on google with the keyword “Youtube Blue APK” or you can also download Youtube Vanced which has the same features.
  • After finding the page to download, the next step is to download the application.
  • After the application is downloaded, then press the install application button.

Well, that’s the information about Youtube Blue apk or Youtube Blue. Hopefully this article can help, especially for those of you who are looking for information about this one application.


Is Using Blue Youtube Safe?

Youtube Biru is a Mod APK or modified application that directly adds scripts to the original application so that it gets new features or makes applications that should be paid for free. So for those of you who want to use Youtube Blue, you should read and understand the risks of using a modified application before using it.

Will Using Blue Youtube Google Account Get Banned?

Because this is an illegal program that uses Youtube, of course this action is not recommended by the manufacturer, namely Google, and in other words if you are desperate to use it, it could be that at any time the Google account that logs into the Youtube Mod APK will be banned.


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