How To Fix Fire TV Remote Not Working

Amazon Fire TV lets users view various content from various online content providers like STARZ, HBO, Hulu, Netflix, SHOWTIME, and so on. However, even if it is super dependable, it has its own annoying shortcomings too.

Its shortcomings might come in several forms, but one popular one is the Fire TV remote not working problem. The fact is that your Amazon Fire TV remote will battle specific issues from time to time an fail to work, but luckily for you, it can be fixed seamlessly. See How To Fix Fire TV Remote Not Working:

How Can I Fix Fire TV Remote Not Working

1. Replace Its Batteries:

Anytime the Fire TV remote fails to work, before panicking, change its battery first. The battery might have drained, so new replacements should make it work again. The reality is that the more you use the remote, the battery will eventually die out in the long run. Even those who change the battery often still complain that their remote always requires fresh and new batteries to work. To change it, do this:

  • Take off the remote control’s cover with your thumbs.
  • Open the back cover and detach it from the remote.
  • Insert your 2 new batteries.
  • Put the remote’s back cover in place and slide to snap it back in place.
  • Confirm if it is working.
Fix Fire TV Remote Not Working
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2. Pair Your Fire TV Remote:

Sometimes, your Fire TV remote might not be working as it should because it is not paired to the television. To make sure it is paired, do this:

  • On your remote, long-press the Home button for ten seconds.
  • Within 60 seconds, the Fire TV remote would pair.
  • However, if it does not pair, simply disconnect the Fire TV’s power cable or adapter from the power source.
  • Allow the television to remain off while you reset the remote.
  • To reset the Fire TV remote, tap and hold these buttons simultaneously – the Menu button, Back, and the navigation ring’s left side. This will simply remove the settings of the Fire TV from the remote and restore your remote to factory settings.
  • After that, take out the batteries in the remote.
  • You can plug your Fire TV device back into power.
  • Hold on patiently until the Home screen is visible.
  • Put your batteries back into the remote.
  • Hold on for 60 seconds.
  • The Fire TV remote will be paired, but if it isn’t, long-press the Home button for ten seconds.

3. Change the Fire TV Remote:

If you have tried the above and the remote still fails to work, you should consider changing it. If you can use the app to control your FIRE TV, then that should tell you that your Fire TV remote is faulty and it has to be replaced.

That is that.

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