How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Play Store 911 Error

You will notice this error when you are downloading applications. This “Play Store 911 error” is not a device-specific error so it will happen to other Android devices and not just with your Note 9 only. But don’t panic much, this is one of the issues you can easily fix.

Based on that, in this article, we will elucidate on the play store issue, which many calls the 911 Error Code. This error makes your device unable to complete the installation process of any app. In regards to that, there are some lay-down steps you have to follow to determine the real problem, possibly resolve it.


Perform Forced Reset to fix Play Store 911 Error

Glitch on the system could be one of the possibilities causing the Play Store 911 error. It could be that there are numerous apps running on the background which the RAM could no longer handle all of them and that resulted to Play Store app crashing. So, the best thing to do now is to perform a force reboot process. This is simply a simulated battery pull method that refreshes phone’s memory and the same time closes all apps running in the background. Below is how to perform a forced reset.

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  • Press and hold firmly the Volume Down and Power key together for 10 seconds or more and wait until it reboots.

Once this is done, download again any app and see if the error will occur. If so, then try the next method.

Clear Play Store’s Cache And Data

Outdated or corrupt cache and data can be another reason to outdated or corrupt cache and data. While carrying out this procedure we will try to reset the app by deleting its files and data so that those old ones will be removed and newer caches and data will be created. In another way round, we have to bring back the app to its factory settings. To do this, kindly follow the steps below.

  1. Open your device settings
  2. Click on Apps & Notifications and then See all apps.
  3. Scroll down and click on Google Play Store
  4. Click Storage and then Clear Cache.
  5. At this point. Click on Clear Data.
  6. Re-open the Play Store & try your download again.


If you follow these steps carefully this issue will stop but if it did not kindly follow the next step.

Make Sure You Have A Stable Internet Connection

This point is clear, once you have an unstable internet connection the installation process of the app will be halted. So we advise you to try connecting your device to your Home Wi-Fi instead of using your mobile data, especially if you are downloading big apps. We also suggest you reset the Network Settings of your phone to refresh all wireless communications. Below are how to do that.

  1. Swipe up on an empty spot to open the Apps tray, from the home screen.
  2. Click on Settings > General Management > Reset > Reset network settings.
  3. Click on RESET SETTINGS.
  4. Enter a PIN if you have set it up already.
  5. Click on RESET SETTINGS. Once completed, a confirmation window will appear.

Note: After switching to home Wi-Fi and the Play Store 911 error still occurs when you download an app, then, you don’t have a choice but to reset your device.

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