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How To Get Payoneer Referral Link To Earn $25 Per Referral

We will be teaching you how to get your Payoneer referral link in order to start earning each time you refer a friend to the Payoneer website using the referral link. This process is simple and quite easy to understand.

Payoneer has one of the best referral program out there which can fetch you a whopping $25 each time someone signs up through your Payoneer referral link and receives up to $100 in their account. It doesn’t end there, the person you referred also gets $25 once he/she receives up to the $100 in their Payoneer account. Talk about a win-win situation.

Payoneer referral Link

Getting your Payoneer referral link is very simple as long as you have a Payoneer Account. If you do not, then no need to worry about setting up a Payoneer account is pretty easy and simple. We’ve written about how to Create a Payoneer account to help set yours up. After you are done creating an account, then follow the steps below.

How To Get Payoneer Referral Link To Earn $25 Per Referral

Referral program

● Visit the Payoneer Website and Sign In Into Your Payoneer Account.

● Look for a “Refer-A-Friend” Banner with “Earn $25” Written on top of it. The banner is located on the right side of the screen( if you are on the full site). Then, Click on the banner.

● Here is where you will your unique referral link. Copy The Link and start Sharing the link to friends and family via facebook, twitter, emails, LinkedIn and any other social networking you are on.

Remember, for each person you refer using your unique Payoneer referral link and the person receives up to $100 in their account. You get $25 in your own account, and also the person you referred get $25. So do not forget to let them know while Sharing your Payoneer referral link that you both get something out of it.

How to Check Your Payoneer Referral Stats

You can check the stats of your referrals at any time as long as you have access to your account by following this few easy steps.

Log In to your Payoneer Account.

● Click On the “Refer-A-Friend” Banner.

● Below Your referral link, you should see the See Your Share Stats.

● Click on it and you should see the following details:

  1. The amount you have earned so far in the “Refer-A-Friend” Referral program.
  2. The number of people that have signed up for a Payoneer Account using your unique referral link.
  3. How many Referrals you have shared through the available methods.

This will not only improve transparency in the referral program but also help you keep track of your referral earnings and how many people you have actually referred to the Payoneer Website using your referral link.


The Payoneer Referral program is actually a very good Referral program because not only do you get $25 for referring a friend. Your friend also gets $25 for being referred to the website. Both you and your friend get a cut out of the referral program.

No other Referral program have seen so far comes close to this, which makes it one of the best out there.

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  1. If a friend I referred to join payoneer earns more than a $100 in his payonner account after signing up through my link, will my earning from him still remain $25?


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