How to install and use the new stickers on WhatsApp – Very simple

Whatsapp Stickers
Whatsapp Stickers

Not sure how to install and use the new stickers on WhatsApp? Would you like to know how to do it? Well, below you will find all the information. The evolution of WhatsApp has been constant over the years. The number of features that have been added gradually to improve the application and make it more complete is remarkable. Today we will see how to install and use the new stickers on WhatsApp.

Stickers are used more than anything else to express strong emotions or feelings that would otherwise be impossible to show. Above all, you can customize them to add the stickers we want.

Some time ago to use them it was necessary to wait for them to be activated. Since the company has gradually activated them as a test method. However, currently with the latest version of WhatsApp installed on your mobile device you can access it.

How to install and use the new stickers on WhatsApp

The most interesting thing about this is not exactly the stickers that are added by WhatsApp but those that you can create yourself or those that you can install thanks to your contacts.

How to install new stickers on WhatsApp? It is extremely simple and we will explain it below:

  • When someone sends you one, all you have to do is press on it.
  • A pop-up message appears with some options. We are concerned with what it says “Add“.

Another option is to install the ones offered by the same application and this is extremely simple since it is done through packages. In a few steps, you can install a large number of them.

  • Click the emoji icon next to “Write a message“.
  • Once done, three icons appear on the bottom- the first is for emojis, the second for Gif, and the third for stickers, press on the latter.
  • You will be able to see all those you have, but if you need to add more, simply press the icon that has the “+” symbol at the top right.
  • It directs us to another section where you can see all the stickers available. With different themes and designs.
  • If you press on the date located on the right side of each of them, you can download the complete package.
  • This way you can have a good quantity quickly and without having to download one by one.

How to use WhatsApp stickers

To use them it is very easy and above all intuitive. However, among so many options you may not be very clear where to find them. Don’t worry, it’s very simple and we will explain it to you right now.

  • Click the emoji icon on the left side of the box for “Write a message”.
  • You can see all the classic emojis in the application.
  • But if you look below you have three options- emoji, Gif, and the third would be the stickers.

Here you have to keep in mind that you can use the ones you install thanks to the application or the ones you added from your friends. Even the ones you created yourself.

As you can see, it is extremely easy to learn how to install and use the new stickers on WhatsApp and you have several options to add new ones. Both of those that are officially added from the app to those with your friends.


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