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How to open ZIP files on iPhone X with WinZip

With the advancement of technology, opening Zip files on iPhone X or other iPhone has become a trivial procedure. Nowadays, managing your files with the phone instead of the classic computer is very convenient, especially because of the increase in the size of the screens.

One of the biggest problems of Apple’s iOS operating system is the very little intuitiveness in file management. Too often, in fact, it is not clear with which app to open a format. If you do not have much knowledge in the procedures that you need to open a ZIP file on iPhone, do not worry, today we will show you a very effective one.

Open ZIP files on iPhone X and other iPhones with WinZip

One of the best solutions to open ZIP files on iPhone X is WinZip. In all likelihood, this name will be familiar to you since we are in front of the progeny of the most popular compressed archives program in the world present for years on Windows.

At the moment WinZip for iPhone is available in two versions. The free one that is enough for your purpose, while the paid one also integrates the possibility of creating unlimited compressed archives to your liking or to get them back if they are eliminated thanks to cloud services.

The procedure :

  1. Download from  this link of  WinZip and once installed open it from the Home;
  2. Once the application has started, you must grant the permissions to access the internal memory and music, then press the Try Free button to use the free version;
  3. Now to open a Zip file you will have to use the app through which you received the archive. Simply go to the desired file, press the share and then select Copy to WinZip.
  4. In conclusion, you will have the possibility to see all the files contained in the compressed archive simply by clicking on it.

Opening ZIP files on iPhone X with WinZip is easy. For any problem or doubt, write us in the comments box.

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