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How To Pay For Zuku TV Packages in Uganda

Want to find out how you can pay for Zuku TV Packages in Uganda? If yes then stay with me as I show you how to do just that in this article.

Zuku TV is Satellite TV provider in Uganda which as at the time of writing this article offer about 3 Zuku TV Packages which you can choose from. The first being the Zuku Poa, which is also known Zuku Smart Pack is currently priced at UGX 20,000, given you Access to over 45 channels.

There is also the Zuku Classic which gives you access to over 68 channels for UGX 30,000 and more expensive Zuku Premium Worth UGX 50,000 with access to over 120 channels. To pay for any of these Zuku TV Packages, Simply follow any of the methods below.

How To Pay For Zuku TV Packages in Uganda

There may ways to pay for any of your favorite Zuku TV Packages. You choose anyone that will be convenient for you.

How To Pay for Zuku TV Packages Online

To pay for any of the Zuku TV Packages Online, you will need a Visa/MasterCard Credit Card.

  • Go to the Zuku TV Uganda Payment Page.
  • Fill the form correctly and click on Next.

  • Follow the payment steps shown; Enter your card details and complete the transaction.

  • If the transaction is successful, you will get a confirmation message on your phone and your Zuku TV should start working within an hour.

How To Pay For Zuku TV Packages Using MTN Mobile Money

  • Navigate to the Mobile Money on your device.

  • Select Pay Bill.

  • Select ZukuTV from the options.

  • Type in your ZukuTV Account Number.

  • Enter Amount.

  • Enter Pin then Send.

That’s it. You should receive confirmation email and SMS From ZukuTV if the transaction is successful. Subsequently, your ZukuTV should be up and running within the hour.

How To Pay For Zuku TV Packages Using Airtel Mobile Money

  • Go to Airtel’s Mobile Money Menu.
  • Select Make Payments/Send Money.

  • Enter Nickname and Type in PESAPAL.

  • Entered Amount.

  • Under the reference, Input ZUKU together with your Zuku account number. E.g ZUKU18775989747.

  • Enter PIN and Send.

  • Upon successful payment, Your ZukuTV will be up and running within the hour.

    How To Pay For Zuku TV Packages Via Ezee Money

    • Walk into any Ezee Money service center and let their representative know that you would like to pay for any of the Zuku TV packages.
  • The Ezee Money agent will use their point of sale terminal to select F6 then select TV and Click on ZukuTV.

  • You will be asked to provide your ZukuTV Account Number which the agent will now input alongside your name, Phone number and amount and then send.

  • Once the transaction is successful, a receipt is printed which is then handed to you upon payment.

  • Your Subscription for the ZukuTV package is now successfully.

    How To Pay For Zuku TV Packages Using PAYWAY

    • Walk up to any PAYWAY terminal.
  • Select the icon for TV and Choose ZukuTV.

  • Enter the subscriber name and tap next.

  • Insert amount and Tap next.

  • Choose bouquet and Tap next.

  • Enter Contact account number and complete the transaction.

  • You will receive both a receipt from the PAYWAY terminal and an SMS messages on your Phone when the transaction is successful.

    Wrapping Up

    That is how to pay for ZukuTV packages. Your ZukuTV should start working immediately after Subscribing, at most, it should take about an hour or two max.

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