How To Post A Job On LinkedIn?


Since it lets you post jobs straight on the website, a lot of users appreciate LinkedIn for offering their reliable platform for anyone searching for a job opening. It is one of its major attractions actually.

Before you begin though, you must know that job posts will require a payment on LinkedIn. They work on a pay-per-click model and you will need to offer a daily budget and payment info for you to be able to create your post. When that is done, your post will remain live on LinkedIn until your budget can no longer take care of it or when you close the opening.

Below are all you have to know if you wish to create your job post on the website:

How Can I Post A Job On LinkedIn?

  •  Head to linkedin.com and get yourself logged into your account, if compulsory.
  •  Tap “Work” in the top-right corner of the display and choose “Post a job.” This will reveal a fresh tab to open.

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  • Get the text box filed out at the top of the fresh tab and tap “Start job post” (the company section should pre-fill according to your profile info).
  • Get yourself signed into LinkedIn Talent Solutions with your normal LinkedIn login info, if required.
  • Choose the right job and company industries (you can select a maximum of 3).
  • Include the remaining job info plus a description, employment type and seniority level, needed skills, and your favourite application submission option (through their profile or via a different application site).
  • Tap “Continue.”
  • Include your screening questions for the position and tap “Continue.”
  • Choose your daily budget and tap “Proceed to Checkout.”
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  • Include your payment details, get your order reviewed and tap “Post Job.”
  • Wrap up the additional fields. If you want, add stuff like displaying your profile close to the job post, editing the needed skills (the ones that are otherwise auto-populated), choosing the nearest title to ensure your post more discoverable. You can add compensation info too.

After creating your job post, you will get a confirmation email, plus recommended matches and free InMail messages for you to contact matches. Your post can even be searched for inside the LinkedIn job database.

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