How to publish 3D photos on Facebook

Photo in 3D Facebook- how to do it

In this article, we will see how to take and publish photos in 3D on Facebook in the easiest and fastest way possible.

If you need more information and details on the 3D photos of Facebook, you’ll find them at the end of the article.


To publish a photo in 3D on Facebook you must necessarily have:

  • Facebook account
  • the official Facebook app
  • a smartphone that is iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X or iPhone Xs and Xs Max. All other phones are not supported (not even the top of the Android range at the moment).

We proceed!

How to publish 3D photos on Facebook

The steps to follow are few and simple:

  • take your iPhone (be it iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max)
  • start the camera
  • switch to Portrait mode
  • take the picture and save it inside the Camera Roll
  • Once the 3D photo has been taken and saved, start the Facebook app
  • create a new post and, among the many available items, choose ” 3D Photo “
  • Go to the gallery and select the photo you just took
  • upload the photo that will automatically be transformed into a three-dimensional image from Facebook
  • Once the preview appears, press the Share button 

That is all!

3D photo Facebook- what are they?

Without going into too much detail, the 3D photos of Facebook allow us to give a new three-dimensional touch to our shots, even in VR.

It is, in fact, a new mode of sharing images that recognizes the depth levels of photos taken in Portrait mode with iPhone.

The effect is undoubtedly scenic and interesting- we can not get the impression that usually you have with the classic 3D images but in fact, it is something rather original.

Specifically, the new visual format of Facebook, other is not that “three-dimensional” photos that have the characteristic of moving following not only the scroll down, but also chasing the position of the mouse cursor, when viewed from a computer, or with the trend of the smartphone when using the mobile application.

Based on the information contained in the shot, which identifies what is in the foreground and what in the backgroundFacebook recreates a 3D effect that can be viewed by browsers, apps, and even VR systems.

As you have noted in the guide we have just written, publishing and taking 3D photos on Facebook is easy and affordable for everyone. Too bad that currently the ability to create 3D images is reserved for iPhone owners.

3D photo Facebook Android- how to do?

Support for Android smartphones that shoot in Portrait mode will come at a later time.

For now, however, if you have an Android smartphone you have no chance to post 3D photos on Facebook. Be patient, the function will come sooner or later.

However, I remember that the new Facebook 3D Photos will still be able to be viewed by most of the devices currently in use.

How to take perfect 3D photos for Facebook

Facebook recalls that the best results are obtained with subjects that stand out well against the background, for color contrasts or because there is some kind of pattern behind them.

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