How to reopen the last tab closed in Chrome or Firefox

In this tutorial, we will see how to reopen the latest tabs by mistake in the browser of Google Chrome or Firefox Quantum.

Nowadays, knowing how to use a web browser is a mandatory task since from there you will be able to access our favorite websites, access educational platforms, access streaming services, administer servers or applications and hundreds of other tasks.

There are browsers for all types of users, each with its own features and functionality, where some excel more than others, where it is normal to open multiple tabs simultaneously to access the sites and it may happen by mistake to close randomly a tab of a web page that interested us.

Well, with the advantages of modern browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox Quantum, we have the possibility to retrieve the card or cards that have been closed in a practical way and then access this content again.

Recover and reopen the last tab closed in Chrome and Firefox

Today we will explain how we can recover the tabs closed in Google Chrome or Firefox Quantum if you do not have these systems you can download them for free in the following links:

Recover and reopen the last tab closed in Chrome

Restore tabs in Chrome using the keyboard- The first method to use is quite simple because it will use our keyboard.

If we have closed some active tabs of Google Chrome, on windows and Linux just use the key combination CTRL + SHIFT + T or in case of using MAC OS use the keys + Shift + T, this will recover the last card closed.

Recover closed tabs in Chrome with Chrome history integrates a function that stores the last 8 tabs closed, to access them, click on the settings icon in the upper right corner and check and in the “history” section you can view the last 8 tabs closed in “Recently closed“.

Reopening closed tabs using the title bar- Another simple option you can use with Google Chrome when you’ve closed a card by mistake is to right-click on the Google Chrome title bar and from there select the option “Reopen closed card”

Re-open the last tab closed in Firefox Quantum

Firefox Quantum was developed with a specific focus on speed, this has given great improvements in the general performance of the browser, now we also have some suggestions for the restoration of closed tabs.

Restore tabs in Firefox Quantum using the keyboard- As in Google Chrome, the first method to analyze is to use the key combination Ctrl + Shift + T to automatically retrieve the last closed tab.

Recover tabs in Firefox Quantum using the Firefox Quantum title bar allows us to reopen some tabs that have been accidentally closed or not via the title bar, it is a simple method, for this, after closing the tab, we have to right click on the browser’s title bar and select the “Cancel closing last tab” option. This will immediately cause the reopening of the card that was closed.

Recover tabs in Firefox Quantum using history: In all current browsers, history is one of the easiest ways to access tabs that have been closed, to access Firefox’s history, click on Quantum on the menu icon (three lines horizontal) and identify the “Catalog” category

By clicking here, we will find the “History” section and a series of closed tabs at the bottom, we can click on each of them to reopen it:

  • Access the windows that have been closed recently
  • Access cards that have been recently closed
  • See all the browsing history of Firefox Quantum

To retrieve the last used card, we click on the option “Recently closed cards” and there will be a list with these sites and we just have to click on the desired link.

You can also restore all the latest tabs by clicking on the “Restore all tabs” row at the bottom.

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