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How to Search for a Video on YouTube Using Hashtag

YouTube has enabled many ways to help users search for content on the platform. You can search using titles, narrow searches down by channel, or even filter results by upload date and video length. However, did you know you can use hashtags to search for videos on the platform?

Although hashtags are viral on social media today, they are not as prominent on YouTube as they are on other platforms like Twitter and Instagram. If a video has a hashtag on YouTube, the tags will be displayed above the video title. You can also see the hashtags if you are using the YouTube website or mobile apps.

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Hashtag on a YouTube video

How to Search for a Video on YouTube Using Hashtag

There are different methods you can use to search for videos on YouTube by hashtag. The most common method, obviously, is by selecting a hashtag from a video you are watching. You can do this by tapping or clicking on the hashtag above the title of the video.

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tap on the hashtag

Next, you will be directed to a dedicated landing page for the hashtag you clicked. On the page, you will see how many videos have the hashtag you selected and the number of channels that are using it.

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hashtag landing page

Another method is simply typing the hashtag into the search box on YouTube. This method isn’t the best because the results displayed will be results related to the hashtag instead of just videos that actually use the hashtag.

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Search by hashtag

However, if you would like to get really specific, you can add the name of the hashtag to the end of the URL www.youtube.com/hashtag/. This method can only be used if you are viewing YouTube via a web browser instead of the mobile app on Android, iOS, or iPadOS devices.

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append the URL

Once you enter the URL, you will be taken directly to the hashtag landing page, just like the one below.

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hashtag landing page

YouTube does not have the landing pages sorted in chronological order. Instead, it has the “best” videos appear at the top of the results.

So that’s it. As you have seen, hashtags aren’t the best method for searching for videos on YouTube. But it’s good to have them handy in case you ever need them.

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