How To Use Microsoft Forms To Create A Poll, Survey, Or Quiz

Microsoft Forms was formerly an online application for teachers to seamlessly create quizzes and tests, however, it has grown to become a more comprehensive form-making tool, and it is now available to a much bigger audience.

Forum is a web application that aids the creation of polls, surveys, quizzes, and tests, basically. As it gets used by educators to make tests and quizzes, Forms will instantly score the results, and for all types of polls, it can monitor responses with its useful built-in analytics.

If you are not aware, Microsoft Forms is available for Microsoft 365 Education users, plus anyone using a Microsoft account (like one from Hotmail, Live, or Outlook.) Want to join in the fun right away? See How To Use Microsoft Forms To Create A Poll, Survey, Or Quiz :

How Can I Get Started With Microsoft Forms?

Microsoft Forms is available from your Microsoft 365 applications or your Microsoft account, and here is how to get started:

  • Get yourself signed in to your Microsoft account, like your Microsoft 365 work or school account or your Microsoft Outlook account.
  • In the list of applications, find “Forms.” You might have to tap the apps menu and then select “All apps.”
  • Tap “Forms.”
Use Microsoft Forms To Create Poll
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Or, you can head straight to the Microsoft Forms page and get yourself signed in with your Microsoft account credentials.

The Forms page is home to a row of templates way up on your screen, including options to create a fresh form or a new quiz. There might be more templates, and you can view about 12 template options if you tap “More templates.”

If you have already created one of more forms, you’ll see them below the templates, where you can view a list of recent forms and any other one you have pinned to the page for regular access. To view all your previous forms, simply tap “All My Forms.”

How Can I Create A New Microsoft Form?

  • To create a survey or poll, tap “New Form.”
  • Tap “Untitled Form,” name your form and describe it. You can also tap the image button on the right and add an image to the top of the form.
  • Tap “Add New.”
  • In the pop-out menu, select the type of entry you wish to create for your form. It can be a multiple-choice question with buttons, a free-form fill-in-the-blank text entry, an entry in which the user has to assign a star rating, a date entry, and so on.
Use Microsoft Forms To Create Poll
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  • After choosing the entry option, fill in all the repair details. Type in the question and answer choices. You can allow multiple answers and indicate if an answer to the current question is compulsory (Else, all questions are not compulsory, and users can submit the form without answering every entry.)
Use Microsoft Forms To Create Poll
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  • A toolbar way up on the screen of every question will give you more options:
  1. To create a duplicate question, tap “Copy.” This is key if you have to make an identical question and do not want to re-type it all over again.
  2. “Trash” will delete the present question.
  3. Use the up and down arrows to move the present question in the form, changing its order.
  4. Tap “Add New” to keep adding items to your form until it is done, then you can preview and share.

That is that.

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