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How To Make Money In Nigeria Via Ignite Survey

If you are very familiar with survey platforms, then you’ll already know the ever-exciting Ignite Survey. It is simply an amazing platform to earn decent cash from time and time, and you just need to access the right site or application. Not to worry though, the Ignite app is very accessible to everyone, and your money-making move starts from there.

Ignite Survey is a platform that allows you to answer questions and get paid as a Nigerian. It is definitely a decent site to use as a side hustle, as you can earn proper cash that will prove really useful during the coronavirus pandemic. To get started this year, see How To Make Money In Nigeria Via Ignite Survey:

How To Join Ignite Survey In Nigeria?

  1. To join the survey, just download the Ignite application here.
  2. Some of your information will be requested, including your full names and some other related details.
  3. A valid email and phone number that will be used to verify your account would also be required.
  4. If you were referred, you should also enter your referral code.

How To Register To Earn Via Ignite Survey?

  1. Download the application from the play store and launch it.
  2. Click “Register.”
  3. Provide all the information you are asked for to register, including your email, password and so on.
  4. Access your new account via the mail sent to you.
  5. As soon as you are done with registration, get yourself logged in via the application and begin to take your survey.

How To Withdraw From Ignite Survey?

You’ll need to get some points on the Ignite application or survey before you’ll be allowed to withdraw whatever you earn. All surveys you take will earn you about fifty points, and as soon as you accumulate these points, they can be redeemed as cash anytime you want. In fact, 1000 points can also be redeemed as airtime for your phone. To redeem or withdraw your point to cash or airtime, just open the application and adhere to these instructions:

  • Access the “Rewards” section of the app, and tap “Redeem Point.”
Make Money Nigeria Ignite Survey
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  • You’ll then be prompted if you want your rewards via airtime or mobile money.
Make Money Nigeria Ignite Survey
Photo Credit- alitech.com.ng

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  • Choose what you prefer. Mobile money stands for cash that can be accessed as soon as you earn up to 1000 points from the ignite application.

That is that.

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