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How You Can Resize A Video

It can be difficult to send a clip to a friend when it is too large for the requirements social platforms and email services ask of you. If you do not fancy having to contend with cloud uploading and downloading, video resizing applications can be of massive help. Lets discuss how you can resize videos on several operating systems.

1. Video Slimmer

iOS users have several video manipulation tools to choose from. For instance, there is Video Slimmer, which is focused on resizing clips and has a lovely interface.

  1. Download and install Video Slimmer on the App Store.
  2. As soon as installation is finished, launch the app on your smartphone.
  3. Click the “+” icon that can be seen at upper-right corner of the screen.
  4. Check the camera roll for the particular video you wish to resize. Click on it.
  5. Click on the Gear icon in the lower-right corner of the screen.
  6. Access Settings.
  7. As soon as video settings opens, a list of available video resolutions will become clear.
  8. Select the one you wish to convert your clip to.
  9. When that is done, click on “Slim Now”

2. Video Compressor

Android owners also have their own effective video manipulation apps ready for use. The Video Compressor by MobileIdea Studio is an apt option to get the job done.

  1. Download and install Video Compressor on the Google Play Store.
  2. When download is done, launch the app.
  3. Decide on the video you intend to work with via your camera videos or file from a folder.
  4. Click on the video.
  5. You will be able to view the list of available options. Select “Compress Video”. or you can decide to cut and compress it.
  6. Select the compression rate from the options presented. Tick the “Delete Audio” box if you intend to mute the clip.
  7. Hold on till the compression process is over. The new clip will begin to play automatically.

3. VLC Media Player

Desktop and laptop can resize their clips with this application by Videolan. Download the app from videolan.org. Windows, Mac OS, and Linux versions are present as well.

Resizing a clip with VLC Media Player will consume just a few minutes of your time but your options are not restricted.

  1. Launch VLC Media Player.
  2. Tap “Media.”
  3. Tap “Open Capture Device”
  4. Tap “File”
  5. Tap the “+ Add” button and get a video you plan to work with.
  6. As soon as you add the clip, tap the arrow close to the “Play” button.
  7. Select “Covert”
  8. Tap “Edit Selected Profile”
  9. Give the profile a name. It will not be saved unless you do just that.
  10. After that, Tap “Video codec”
  11. Tick the “Video” box.
  12. Tap “Resolution”
  13. Choose the new values in the “Frame Size Width” and “Height” boxes.
  14. Tap “Save” or “Create”, according to the version of the player.
  15. After that, Tap “Browse” and decide on a destination folder for your brand new video.
  16. Tap “Start”
  17. The app will then convert your clip, using the settings you chose.

The original video will not be affected after conversion is finished. Just play your fresh, edited version to confirm if the audio and video are fine.


Desktop or Laptop users will not regret using EZGIF to resize a video. It is one of the most reliable options out there. It is available online so no installation is required. Several file formats are supported.

  1. Open your browser and head to ezgif.com.
  2. Tap “Video to GIF.”
  3. Choose “Resize.”
  4. Look for the clip you wish to resize and double-click on it.
  5. Type in the height you want in the “New height” column.
  6. Type in the width you want in the “New width” column.Tap “Save” to export your resized clip.

This online tool also lets you cut the video if you want to cater for more space. EZGIF aids files up to 35MB in size.

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