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‘iPhone 8 Plus is better than a professional camera’

Mashable’s reporter has a two-week experience shooting with the iPhone 8 Plus and draws many of the advantages of mobile photography compared to using a professional camera.

“I never thought this would happen, but it was true,” Mashable’s Raymond Wong said in an article titled “Why iPhone 8 Plus Is Better Than A Professional Camera.” Zing.vn

During a two-week tour in Japan recently, I dropped out on the main camera – an unmade Sony A6300 2 years ago, replacing the iPhone 8 Plus.

Love the Sony A6300 but do not like the heavy and slow feel of changing the lens.

My tour is indeed better because of this decision.

Ever since the iPhone came out, smartphones have replaced the camera. Point-and-shoot machines are dead. Mirrorless cameras and DSLRs still exist because of the features the phone can not. However, it is for professional photographers.

The camera on the smartphone is so great. Combining some accessories, they become better camera devices than many cameras.

It would be foolish not to bring a Sony camera and wide-angle lens, I thought before. I want high-resolution photos to memorise my travels. So, I stuffed it in the bag with three batteries.

And that’s where it stays in almost the whole trip. Exactly I use it only once in Kyoto and regret it shortly after.

Do not think I hate the camera. It’s like my baby. I will love it to death. It captures excellent photos as well as 4K videos. I am a camera fanatic, now and forever (Raymond Wong assumes a camera assessment at Mashable).

In this position, the Sony A6300 cannot capture or record video, but the iPhone 8 Plus is there, thanks to a few tricks.

However, the iPhone – especially the iPhone 8 Plus – is not just a “good phone”. The team of more than 1,000 people working in the shooting department finally created a photographic device that convinced me to remove my camera.

On the trip, I took a total of 700 photos and videos with the iPhone 8 Plus after 11 days and about 30 photos with the Sony camera. One thing that became clear after my trip to Japan – The iPhone 8 Plus is now my favourite photography device.

Much more compact.

When you walk nearly 15 km/day, reducing grams in the bag is a precious thing. The iPhone 8 Plus weighs less than 200 grams while the Sony A6300 weighs only 500 grams.

Excellent image quality in most cases.

The iPhone 8 Plus uses a 12-megapixel sensor but does not look at that modest figure. Image quality is top. In default mode, it can capture HDR images when detecting necessary conditions. I am constantly impressed by what it brings.

The Bionic A11 chip is so fast that it can process HDR images instantly, taking hundreds of shots in continuous shooting mode and reducing AI noise.

Easier video recording.

In addition to 30fps video recording, the iPhone 8 Plus can also record 4K video at 24 or 60 fps, equivalent to the Sony A6300. More importantly, it can spin slow-motion and time-lapse.

A simple slider can change the shooting mode on the iPhone, complete a series of settings on the traditional camera. In Tokyo, I saw some tourists running back and forth with the tripod and waiting for the timelapse. With the iPhone 8 Plus, I recorded a few clips and shared them on Instagram before they finished.

Backup super easy.

It’s easy to capture thousands of photos or videos but backing up and organising them is a painful one.

Thanks to Google Photos, this challenging task will automatically complete. As soon as I get back to my booking, I connect to Wi-Fi and have Google Photos back up automatically, without the hassle. I saw the process of copying images from the SD card to the computer and uploaded to the cloud storage service is really stupid.

It also helps me to share pictures extremely easily. All I have to do is select a photo, video into an album and invite my friends to access high-capacity images.

Not only is it more convenient to have an Internet connection, but its compact size also makes me want to get more out of the camera than ever before. I took almost no effort to capture. I find the corner better, no longer lazy stand alone to capture.

As a camera freak, I thought the Sony A6300 would always be with me whenever I was travelling. However, after two weeks using only the iPhone 8 Plus, I can say it is a great camera.

Here are some photos from Raymond Wong’s iPhone 8 Plus (some photos come with external lenses):

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