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iWOWNfit P1 Smartwatch REVIEW – powerful battery, perfect activity tracker

Would you like to give a smartwatch as gift tour kid brother, or would you like to donate to charity? The iWOWNfit P1 Smartwatch is a good pick because as an ECG watch with full functions, This watch can give you a single-lead electrocardiogram. This ECG could indicate whether the heart rhythm of the user shows signs of atrial fibrillation, which is a serious form of irregular heart rhythm. Another aspect it can indicate is sinus rhythm that tells if the heart is beating in a normal pattern or not. These operations can be set, done and results could be revealed anywhere.

How then can one start the ECG function? We’ll come back to that. For now, let’s check out more and get better acquainted with the iWOWNfit P1 Smartwatch.

Introducing the iWOWNfit P1 Smartwatch

iWOWNfit is the name of the manufacturer of this fabulous smartwatch. The company is very well fixated on bringing mobile health band into the market. That they have done by releasing several mobile smart wears that people are enjoying worldwide. The new product, which as well could be the company’s latest, is focusing on bringing personal mobile health band in the market. Popular products include i6HR, i6 Pro, as well as i5 Plus smartband.

The latest product, iWOWNfit P1 is a smartwatch with sporty and trendy design and any user can enjoy the use of it as a normal watch and also as a health intensive product.

iWOWNfit P1 comes as a sports smartwatch. It is a blend of smartwatch and smartband, as many people have said about it. This product is still seen as one of the most beautiful smartwatch anyone can purchase.

It has a silicon strap that appears flexible and soft. The body of the watch is rectangular in design. Something good about it is that it is a waterproof design up to 50 meters deep in water but the more the user goes, the bad it gets.

The watch itself is lightweight and that’s something that users have commended about the watch. Next good thing about it is that although the user can make use of it as a touch screen, it is also possible to operate the device with buttons and there are three of these for operating the smartwatch. for color sakes, it has black and yellow combination.

This smartwatch is good for running, other fitness activities, it comes with heart rate monitor, HRV analysis, pedometer, sleep, steps tracker with multi-sports mode, IP68 waterproof wearable.

The Display

The display of the smartwatch has been rated so high and reviewers see it as one on the highest side when anyone talks about watches of that category. The display is very good at 1.3 inches of IPS colored screen. The resolution is 240 x 240 pixels but the user can adjust the brightness as he or she wants. This display is very responsive and sharp as well.

Activity Tracking Purpose

The iWOWNfit P1 smartwatch comes with a good battery and other common hardware features that you would love. Not much to this, for the device is a very simple one. About messaging, we can see that with the iWOWNfit P1 you can receive message notifications and you can even read these messages on the small screen of the smartwatch without looking for ways to read them on your smartphone which could at the same time be in a bag, or inside your trouser pocket. Then, the watch is good for managing your events. Yes, you can create a notification on the app and check it on the watch, making options as it suits you. Next, it’s also got a stopwatch and at least nine different watch faces available for beautification purposes. Add to that the ‘Do Not Disturb Mode’. The user can or may not activate the option. The timing is either 24 or 12-hour formats. The user can switch to military standard time or 12-hour format. Also, the brightness option enables a lower or higher level of brightness, even though this device is devoid of ambient mode, and no automatic adjustment of brightness. Next, for languages, there are several the user can choose from. There are Chinese, English, Deutsch, Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Take note that the P1 is loaded with seventeen activities and they are- running, cycle climbing, table tennis, volleyball, aerobics, badminton, fast walk, basketball, soccer, sit-ups, ice skating, rope jump, swimming, tennis, dance, and probably some more.

How to Use ECG Function

Okay. So now we are back at how to use the ECG. Using the ECG function on iWOWNfit P1 is easy. Make sure that you download the firmware that is the latest at any particular period. This firmware must be and this stands correct till 2019 June as we compile this review. Anyway, you can always confirm if the firmware you want to download is the latest. Once the download is done, just slide the main screen of the watch to the right to find the ECG function.

Pricing of P1

The price of iWOWNfit P1 $74.99 on Amazon. Even if the pricing differs elsewhere it would be very close. If you buy it from Amazon, you may qualify for free shipping and that adds no extra burdens on you at all.

Battery Specs

The iWOWNfit P1 possesses a battery with good backup abilities. The battery of this watch has also been commended. People love it because it lasts longer than that of many other watches. The device has a charger that’s connected to a micro USB.


  • High-Resolution Screen
  • The display is minimalistic and clean
  • Good for monitoring day’s activities
  • Good battery life


  • Does not run apps


iWOWNfit P1 is a good fit for people who love sports or just love to have regular exercising for better health purposes. The smartwatch may not even let you know that it is there at all because it is very lightweight but even at that, it is loaded well as the user could find a plethora of health and fitness options on it.

If you buy this watch, surely you will enjoy it for the powerful battery it possesses, you would love the display, the user interface, the easy to access menus and the price with which it comes is very reasonable.


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