Learn To Optimize Your Smartphone For Mobile Gaming

Enjoying games online is becoming the norm as several phone users now wager via their smartphones.

If you want to play games on your mobile device, though, you will have to optimize the phone to ensure a seamless and amazingly immersive gaming experience.

But how can you do that you might ask? We have the answer.

See below for 3 instructions to adhere to if you need assistance with the optimization of your phone for gaming:


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1. Disable Notifications

If you frequently play classic casino games on your smartphone, one thing you do not want to do is enable notifications that will keep interrupting you with excessive messages and notifications during your game.

Luckily for you, Android and iOS phones let you enable and disable notifications, and even allow you to prevent alerts for a specific application.

As an Android owner, just scroll down from the home screen with double fingers before clicking “Do Not Disturb.”

For iOS users, scroll down from the top-right corner of the home screen with a finger and then enable “Do Not Disturb.”

These modes can undergo further configuration, but to prevent specific applications, you will need to tap through the “Apps and Notifications” within settings.

2. Declutter Your Mobile Device

Digital clutter can have an undesired effect on the performance of your mobile device, especially when it comes to gaming. It can cause a major lag and buffering as you enjoy your games which will decrease your chances of enjoying your gaming experience and can even cost you cash in the middle of live tournaments.

Therefore, before you play, it might be wise uninstall any application you are not using and is occupying a huge amount of space.

Android owners can click, hold and drag these kinds of an app to the top of the display for the uninstallation to take place while iPhone users can just hold an application’s icon till it begins to shake, before tapping delete.

Software can also be installed that will automatically track your device’s performance and deactivate applications running in the background, making sure your storage capacity is okay every time.


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3. Extend Your Battery Life

If you frequently engage in online gaming, you need to also try to extend your battery life.

This will reduce the risk of your phone going off during very important tournaments, which can make you lose some decent money.

Android owners can improve their performance by clicking on the battery icon in “Settings.” before checking the battery saver and adaptive battery options.

An identical function can be accessed on your iPhone as well, it will be visible when you launch “Settings,” choose battery and then tap through “Low Power Mode” to activate it.

This will make a major difference to your mobile gambling experience. It does not matter if you are a casual player or a player that fancies the juiciest cash prizes.

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