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List of the Best Cinema Film Streaming Apps in 2024

The results of images for the best cinema movie streaming application Watching movies is a fun activity. This causes a lot of people, especially young people today who deliberately provide time for holidays, from various daily activities that are quite tired, just to enjoy the existing film.

But did you know that because technology has become more sophisticated and developed, there is no need to come or go far to the cinema to enjoy a film? In fact, you can use several applications with only a cellphone and an internet connection.

What applications can you use? Immediately, we discuss the following.

1. Viu

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The first application is, of course, a suitable application for those of you who are very happy to watch drama movies for Korean dramas. VIU is a paid application that is not too expensive but can make you addicted to watching movies on the application.

Some people might think Viu only presents the Korean dramas. But actually there are also some dramas provided by several other countries in Asia, such as Western films, Thailand, China, and even Bollywood.

It also presents a collection of films and dramas, especially drama episodes that are very complete, accompanied by subtitles that you can choose. But don’t be surprised if there are always ads appearing when watching if you are using a free one to buy a premium package.

Not too expensive you can directly install in the play store and also buy using credit or credit cards, enjoy a variety of films in the application.

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2. Cinema Box

Chinema Box
Cinema Box

Applications that provide a variety of Hollywood films or foreign films are very complete do not be confused. Because the cinema box application is one of the favorite applications where a lot of young people watch movies for free.

Even if you want to watch or watch an existing movie you just have to download it and it will be saved automatically on your device. Also, make sure you have a high internet connection because of the internet connection. The new Cinema box can be run and also download movies that you like.

If you want to watch offline and also want to save on quota you can download the movie first. Then you can turn off the connections on the device. You can also use Google Chromecast which can display movies on a bigger screen. With a better look at this free cinema box, you can download it directly in the play store. 

3. Tubi


Want to enjoy various variety shows or soap operas that are abroad. No need to worry because you can use an application called Tubi. This application is one of the features that is used for you who love watching TV channels abroad.

Even so, you do not need to be confused or spend money to subscribe to pay-TV because with this application you can watch for free. But some accounts and channels are indeed premium. So that requires you to buy it but not as expensive, when you use pay-TV is very interesting isn’t it.

4. Netflix

Fix Netflix Error Code UI-800-3
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The next application is, of course, the most popular application that is widely used today, namely Netflix. Who does not know this one application? Enter into the best watching application even though its use is not free, but must pay a premium.

Netflix itself has been in Indonesia since 2006 and still survives until now you can search for a variety of film series ranging from drama, animation, documentaries, and so forth. For the first month, you are given free application usage.

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But the following month you have to buy according to the package provided. But this fact does not close the interest of Indonesian people to enjoy this application. Although it must be paid because the quality provided is comparable to the features available on Netflix.

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7. Maxstream


For those of you lovers of inexpensive applications and mobile users Telkomsel this company also released a movie-watching application with the name Maxstream. This application helps you who do not have a television to be able to access various content such as local television channels, even international.

In addition, you can also enjoy without having to pay additional fees again, and just using an internet connection that is done is very easy. You only need to log in using your Telkomsel number. Then enjoy movies for free starting from Eurosport various videomax content, local and overseas tv as well as some of your favorite channels.

8. Hooq


The last application that you can choose as one of the applications is called the Hooq application. Almost the same as some other applications where you can stream various movies.

Because this application made in Indonesia presents a variety of films ranging from abroad, to Indonesia. And also very fast updates this application requires a premium payment of Rp. 49,500 per month.

It also provides a free rental ticket to watch the latest movies for paid customers. Later it will be given away for free or giveaway, you can enjoy various movies without having to worry to be left behind.

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