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Decoding the Meaning of Heart-Shaped Emojis on Your iPhone

There are a total of 23 heart emojis on your iPhone, do you want to know what their meaning is?

In the age in which we live, emojis play a much more fundamental role than most people think. The evolution of emojis from their birth in 1997 to the present day has been full of changes and fun curiosities. Are one of the best ways to express our emotions online but you have to do it properly…

And is that there are multiple meanings for many iPhone emojis that can cause our message to not be captured as it should. For example, did you know that the Italian capisce emoji has many meanings? Next, we indicate the meanings of all the hearts of the emojis del iPhone.

Heart-shaped emoji meanings

In some cases, it is not easy to know exactly what the real meaning of an emoji is. After all, users can and should use emoji as they please. But it’s nice to know what the original meaning of each emoji is.

💝 This gift-wrapped emoji is designed to let whoever receives it knows that you are giving them your heart.

💘 Cupid’s arrow emoji is specially designed to be sent when you have or when you see love or love at first sight.

💖 The meaning of the sparking heart emoji is a sign of good vibes. A neutral love emoji to send to friends and family.

💗 This is a growing heart and it means that your love for someone is growing little by little.

💓 If you’ve ever felt like you have a lot of chemistry with someone, this emoji with vibes is perfect for your crush.

💞 The two hearts spinning means that you are having an equal relationship with someone and that things are flowing well with clear and honest communication.

💕 The meaning of this emoji is less clear. Some use it to say “I love you more” while others use it to let someone know you see them as more than a friend or to say “love is in the air”.

❣️ The heart with the exclamation, according to Emoji Guide is a heart that serves to express gratitude.

💔 Perhaps it is the most obvious meaning, a broken heart due to a relationship breakup or heartbreak.

❤️‍🔥 An emoji of a heart on fire that means that there is a lot of passion.

colors of hearts

The rest of the heart emojis are designed with multiple colors and each of them has its own meaning.

  • ❤️ – Amor
  • 💛 – Amistad
  • 💚 – Sustainability, health, and nature
  • 🧡 – Love between two friends
  • 💙 – Trust and security
  • 🤍 – Love, affection, and death
  • 🖤 ​​- Sadness and pain or black humor
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