New Images Reveal the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 with Avengers watch face, Global NFC & more

The Xiaomi Mi Band 5, which is expected to be released later this month, has been in and out of the rumor mills for some time now. The smart band by Xiaomi is expected to be launched on the 11th of this month just before Jingdong’s June 18 (618) shopping festival in China. Ahead of the smart wearable’s launch, more details have come to light from leak land.

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There are some leaked images that appear to display some of the features that Xiaomi has equipped the Mi Band 5 with. We can see from one of the leaked images that the smart band will come with NFC out of the box. With this feature, the smart band will be capable of mobile contactless payments, and it just may be on the standard variant and instead of an NFC-enabled variant just like Xiaomi did on the Mi Band 4.

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Another image also shows that the wrist band will sport stress and breathing management features which are likely associated with the SpO2 sensor that is rumored to come with the Mi Band 5. The source also further tells us that the band will ship with a stress meter as well as breathing exercises that can help you in relaxing. Other features we expect the band to come with based on the images are a Do Not Disturb mode, which silences alarms for a limited time (e.g. 30, 60, or 120 minutes).

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In terms of specs, the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is expected to come with a 1.2-inch screen. This is much bigger than the 0.95-inch display that came with the Mi Band 4. We also expect that the band will come with a custom Avengers-themed watch face. This means that there just might be an Avengers limited edition. We also believe that the smart band will feature support for Amazon Alexa.

Despite these images, we still have to wait until the band is launched before we can confirm most of these features.

What are your thoughts and expectations on the Mi Band 5? Share them in the comments below.


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