Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Price and Release Date Leaked

Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Samsung Galaxy Note 8

According to a Polish website, Samsung’s new flagship Galaxy Note 9 leaked European sales price. According to the leak, the European price of the device will not be much different from the Galaxy Note 8.

Samsung’s new flagship Galaxy Note 9 will be presented to consumers with the launch event on August 9th. Samsung fans are already curious to know the design, and specifications of the device as much as the price. A Poland-based website revealed the official selling price of Galaxy Note 9.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

According to an alleged employee who participated in Samsung’s pre-launch event for Galaxy Note 9, the Galaxy Note 9 will be sold with a price tag of 990 Euro. This means that the device will have almost the same fame as the Galaxy Note 8 introduced in the past year. Immediately after the launch, the device will begin pre-orders. Official sales of Galaxy Note 9 will start on August 24th.

The price of the Galaxy Note 9 claimed by the Samsung employee has also been confirmed by a local Polish Samsung store.


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