Samsung Gear S3 review – More than just a smartwatch

Samsung Gear S3 review

I’m very positive you must have heard and come across tens of smartwatches. Those with big screens, the ones sporting tiny displays, that particular one with heart beat monitor, then there’s this one that you love so much because it has enough storage space to hold your favourite music tracks for your morning jogs, right?

Yeah, there are quite a number​ of smartwatches out there now – from different brands and manufacturers. However, there’s always a KING right? The Samsung Gear S3 that will be reviewed in this article is surely a top contender for the throne in the smartwatch kingdom.

Let’s get to the review already and afterwards, I’ll leave you to judge if the Gear S3 is worthy of the throne or not.


Samsung Gear S3 review


The Samsung Gear S3 is a big smartwatch. Bigger than its immediate predecessor, the Samsung Gear S2. Truth be told, the Gear S3 design is quite plain…and boring. The watch lacks some colour, vibrance and some other visually appealing features.

Samsung Gear S3 review

Also, the device 46mm frame makes it seem a little big, heavy, manly and bulky. The bulkiness and heaviness, however, can be attributed to the fact that the Samsung Gear S3 has a bigger, better long-lasting battery. The Gear S3 has newly added sensors as well – sensors its predecessors lacked.

Interestingly, some sort of customization can be done as regards the watch’s straps/bands. The straps can be replaced with some other ones of choice. Samsung and other gadget outlets sells beautiful substitute​ straps.


Samsung Gear S3 review
Samsung Gear S3 review – the large 1.3-inch screen

Display-wise, a large 1.3-inch touchscreen is what you get on the Gear S3. The screen with a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels is an AMOLED display. The screen puts out real crystal clear images and good views – outdoors and even under the effect sunlight.

Reiterating what I earlier mentioned, the colour production of the Gear S3 screen is rich and super sharp. Gives the eye no problem.


When it comes to smartwatches’ operating system, I’m sure what most people are conversant with is either the Apple watchOS or the Google Android Wear (be it 2.0 or any other version). You know what? Samsung Gear S3 doesn’t run on either of the two. Instead, the Gear S3 runs on the Tizen OS.

The Tizen OS is beautiful​; probably due to how Samsung integrated it to function on the Gear S3. The OS functions in sync with the device rotating bezel. Spinning the rotating bezel will reveal updates and notifications on the smartwatch.

Samsung Gear​ S3 review

The physical button located on the bottom​ when it reveals a couple of app icons on the screen. The rotating bezel can also be used to scroll through the icons.

Talking about storage, a 4GB space is on board to hold files. You can transfer music files directly from your smartphone to your Gear S3 smartwatch. The storage space is quite small​, but should definitely be enough for the average smartwatch user. There are smartwatches out there with 8GB and 16GB inbuilt storage.

It is very noteworthy to state that Bluetooth is the means of connecting your Samsung Gear S3 to your smartphone. And guess what. You can connect your Gear S3 smartwatch to your Apple devices too (iPhone, iPad etc).


Samsung Gear​ S3 review
Samsung Gear S3 review – the rear view​ housing the battery

Remember the complaint about the Gear S3 being heavy and bulky? Well, just so you know, it actually translates to an advantage to that – BIG BATTERY!

The Samsung ​Gear S3 has a big 380mAh battery. Big enough to power the smartwatch for more than five (5) days.


The Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch currently cost between $280 – $290.

Samsung Gear S3 review – Conclusion

The Samsung Gear S3 is a smartwatch like no other. The big display screen, 4GB inbuilt storage, heart rate monitor and water and temperature proof affirms my assertion in the first statement under this heading. The sweetly integrated rotating bezel and the Tizen OS are also something you’d want to try out. How would I forget the big 380mAh battery? The battery pack can last more than 5 days of usage.

Now, to the big question. Is the Samsung Gear S3 worthy of the smartwatch throne?


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