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How to Screenshot a long conversation in WhatsApp (or any other app)

You may have already wanted to send someone the picture of a conversation in WhatsApp, iMessage, or another messaging application, but realized that you had to take a number of different photos to record the whole subject you wanted. Would it not be practical if it were possible to take a single picture of the screen with the whole of the conversation in a single image?

IOS natively does not do this, but there are apps that can help you solve the problem. This is the case with Tailor.

Tailor is a screenshot stitching app, what Tailor does is put together several continuous images into one, making your work a lot easier.

The only thing you need to do in cases where the image is larger than the screen size of the iPhone is to take a screenshot on several continuous pieces, then join one part to another and form a single image. This is ideal for when you want to eternalize the image of a conversation by text or save the whole page of some website.

When you open Tailor, it automatically identifies the screenshots and assembles the images. For this, they need to be continuous, that is, one has to start where the other has ended.

The Tailor is free, but has an internal purchase of R $ 9.90 if you want to remove the ad banner and the end indicating that the assembly was made with the app. You can download Tailor using the below button.

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