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The new HP Sprocket Plus increases in size, now photographs are 30% larger

It has been a while since HP decided to bet on printing devices different from those in the market. If mobile phones had better cameras every time, why not offer pocketable printing devices. It was when the Sprocket range was born, and today it receives a new Plus version that is more easy to transport but with larger photographs.

The new HP Sprocket Plus is now official, a new portable printer specializing in photographs that allows us to capture any of our photos on paper from a mobile device. You only need a Bluetooth connection and can pair your phone with the Sprocket Plus and start printing everything that comes to mind.

Photographs 30% larger

When you only need a Bluetooth connection to operate, the Sprocket Plus is compatible with all types of mobile phones although its application is only available for iOS and Android. A free application that you can download and that will allow you to send the photographs to the printer, after selecting them from the screen of your mobile.

With the application, you can also add effects to the photo. You will not only have to print the result of your camera but will also have the possibility to add emojis of different types to complement the final result, as well as to place frames to the photograph and even include text to personalize the printing as much as possible.

The Sprocket Plus uses a printing technique known as ZINK Zero Ink, similar to the photographs taken by Polaroid cameras. This tech allows you to print with its paper so that you will only have to load these special papers in the printer to be able to print.

The photographs printed with this Sprocket Plus have dimensions of 5.8 x 8.6 centimeters, and the printer is already on sale

The resulting photographs of this HP Sprocket Plus have dimensions of 5.8 x 8.6 centimeters, 30% larger than the photographs of previous versions of the Sprocket line, and the same type of paper is used although adapted to the new size of the printer. It is also adhesive, as in previous versions.

The HP Sprocket Plus has been put on sale now and is available in both the HP Store and distributors associated with the brand. You can get it for just 159.90 euros, and the printer includes a package with 10 photo papers to be able to print with from the first day. This papers can also be purchased separately at 14.90 euros per 20 sheets.

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  1. HP is known for making cutting-edge inventions, so I’m not surprised we’re having this amazing device from their stable. Everything that has advantages surely would have disadvantages. Photographers that make living from Photography would definitely have a hard time dealing with what is to come. For instance, I can’t have this device and still invite a photographer to cover my events for me, as long as I have a phone with powerful camera lens that can get the jobs done.
    This is really a good one. And it should have come before now. If not for the the initial price tag of N50,000, I’m sure, by now, the device would have spread all over. But, by the time we have variants from different manufacturers, the price would come down, giving many of us the opportunity to own one.


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