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Tips and Tricks On How To Reduce Netflix Data Usage (Android & iOS)

Netflix needs no introduction as it is one of the most popular media streaming platform. On Netflix, you can watch almost, if not all of your favourite movies and TV shows and the mobile app makes the process a whole lot easier as you can watch your movies and TV shows even on the go. Now, one thing most people usually complain about on Netflix is the data usage while watching their favourite series and movies. If you’re connected to a free WiFi or have an unlimited cellular plan then this wouldn’t be a problem. However, if you’re not then it might be a problem with Netflix taking up to 3GB or even 7GB for every hour you spend watching a video on the app.

Obviously, this is way too much but thankfully, Netflix has a numerous settings for those who don’t have free WiFi or unlimited cellular plan. Here, we will be teaching you how to reduce Netflix data usage as you enable watch your favourite movies and series without digging too deep into your data bundle.

Tips and Tricks On How To Reduce Netflix Data Usage

– First things first, you’ll need to open your Netflix app and Sign In with your username and password.

– Once you’re signed in, you can now go ahead and tap on that three horizontal button at the bottom right side which says “More”.

– Select App settings and Click on Mobile data usage located under video Playback.

– Here you will see that automatic toggle at the top is turned on which means it alternates between WiFi only, save data and Maximum Data.

– Next is to turn off the toggle besides automatic and Choose between WiFi Only, if you’re mostly connected to a WiFi network or save data if you’re using an internet bundle which will automatically let Netflix use less data. Never choose maximum data and it allow the Netflix app to stream the video in the highest quality.

– After choosing either WiFi or Save data, Click on OK to save.

Change Download Quality To reduce Netflix Data Usage

If you’re fond of downloading TV shows and series on Netflix to be watched or re-watched at a later time then you’d find this very helpful. When it comes to downloading videos on Netflix, there are two types; The Standard which downloads fast, uses less storage and data but reduces video quality while the other called High Uses more storage, more data and has a higher quality videos resolution. To choose, follow the steps below.

– Open the Netflix App and Click on more at the bottom right corner.

– Select App Settings and Choose Download Video Quality.

– You’ll be presented with two options; Standard or High

– Choose Standard. Doing this will make the videos your download on Netflix not only use less storage space on your phone but use less data while downloading.

You can also change the quality of the videos you stream in order to reduce your Netflix Data usage. To do this, you just have to Open the Netflix App >> More >> Account >> My Profile >> Playback Settings and then choose from the options which includes Auto, Low, medium and high. Obviously, you’d wanna stay with either auto or low which takes 0.3GB (about 300MB) for each hour you stream a video. Medium takes about 0.7GB per hour while high takes up to 3GB to 7GB per hour.

My advice ? Low is okay if you’re not that into video quality or you can take it up Medium if you want a higher quality video which will increase the data consumption.

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