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Top 5 Internet Browsers for Mac 2022

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The Apple Mac is one massive powerhouse, and many can attest to this. Its ruggedness makes it an excellent choice for many professionals. In spite of this, the Mac is not isolated. It needs the internet for you to harness its power. If you own a Mac, there are chances you’ve used Safari. It’s a good one, and it’s listed among the browsers in this post. Aside from Safari, there are other top-notch browsers that can meet your internet surfing needs. Let’s dive and see them…

Top 5 Browsers for Mac

1. Safari

If you’re a die-hard Apple fan, then Safari may suit your taste. It’s a fast browser that has several features under the hood. Over the years, we”ve see constant improvement, and we’re sure Apple is not backing down on the market competition. You get the essential features that are in most browsers, such as bookmarks, tabbed browsing, a password manager, and private browsing options. There are even improvements in the tab interface with icons or favicons recently introduced to label each tab so that you know at a glance what each tab is for especially when several tabs are opened. Apple is renowned for privacy, and they didn’t halt in delivering this in Safari. There’s Intelligent Tracking Protection to shield you from being watched by advertisers. You also get protected by anti-fingerprinting settings that stop sites from spying on your hardware configuration in a bid to detect who you are online. All these and more make Safari a hotcake on the Mac scene.

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2. Chrome

Chrome is quite popular across different platforms, and there’s Chrome for Mac too. The browser is based on Blink engine and is in written in C++ programming language. Some other browsers rely on its open-source project, Chromium, which has a large chunk of Chrome source code. Just like in Google’s search engine, Chrome is clean, having a minimalistic UI. The search feature on the browser is excellent as it offers fast access to searching the web. It lets you synchronize bookmarks, settings, and history across all devices, of course, with a Google Account. It does a great job in the security aspect too taking cues from the Sandbox model. There’s a privacy mode option so that it does not store your browsing history or cookies.


3. Torch

Torch browser was developed by Torch Media, made for Mac. Its intent is to be unique and different from the usual. It is built off the open-source Chromium code and has been free for commercial use since 2013. It is loaded with many features that aid the browsing experience. Torch also gives you the ability to share websites via social networks. You can download Instagram and Vine videos. Torch has torrent capabilities to help you download torrents with its built-in torrent client. You also get to organize YouTube videos which Torch offers as a free service.


4. Firefox

Firefox has had to contend with other big players and wasn’t doing well but recently things changed. The new Quantum Firefox version is much better and equipped for modern web standards and is a great alternative to other top-tier competitors. Privacy is of concern to Firefox, and they didn’t joke with that in Quantum. With that, Firefox assures your safety online. The Tracking Protection features prevent collation of data and tracking by websites that may want to show ads. Firefox has speeds improved too, and as they say, pages can speed up to 44%, thanks to ad and script blocking. Firefox has a bunch of themes and extensions that can make you change the way the browser looks and for additional functionalities.

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5. Opera

Developed by Opera Software, Opera is a browser that a good number of people like. It works on different platforms, including Windows, OS X, and Linux, and is available in 42 languages. 350 million people use Opera around the world. The browser is based on Blink. The majority of the features other browsers now flaunt were originally developed in Opera. The browser has the ability to block pop-ups, and you can do private browsing and tabbed browsing. Other necessary features there are a bookmarks bar and a download manager. It also got speed dials that can display downloaded pages in thumbnail format.


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