Introducing UMi Z Camera Touch-Free Features – No Need to Touch, Just Smile.

Have you been in the situations where you find gorgeous moments appearing but you’re not quick enough to capture them on your smartphone? Bet you had many times already, be it a good laughter with friends, surprising look, tearful but joyful moment, etc. Those precious moments always come quickly and go away even quicker, before you can even press to capture them.

UMi Z launch

So what to do? Train yourself to take out your smartphone quick enough to take photos like a cowboy drawing his gun to win the duel? Hmm, that sounds possible but will make you look like a trained paparazzo kind of dude. Or to keep your camera on all the time to wait for that one moment? You know you are not making a living upon photographing.

Any solution to get you free from worrying about this? There is. Imagine this, just smile, and your moments are captured automatically!

UMi Z touch free features

With the Smile Detection feature on UMi Z, the smiley moments will never slip away easily, you don’t even need to press the shutter to capture them! What you only need to do is target your camera on those smiley faces!

UMi Z allows you to take photos with more touch-free actions.

The Gesture Detection on UMi Z!

When you turn on the Gesture Detection, just show the camera a Victory/Peace hand gesture, then it will start taking photos counting from 3 to 1. It works for both the rear and front cameras. No more worries of reaching out your fingers to take photo while stretching your hand out for a better wide angle to include all your friends for a good selfie. Already sounds like pain in the arse, right? And think about this, it also free you from upsetting your friend showing only half faces of them in the photo! Oh, please do feel release, the reverse Victory gesture won’t be detected for obvious reason 🙂

Next time remember, to take a photo, just smile!

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