What is Google Play Protect? Are features really useful?

Android is an open, flexible operating system. However, its openness brings with it many security issues. But do not worry because Google has a system called Google Play Protect to help protect your phone more secure.

With the current situation of virus spreading as well as many other threats to mobile devices, finding ways to protect yourself is indispensable. You may have used an app to protect your Android device. However, Google has released a feature called Google Play Protect, which is built into the Android device to help you get rid of malware and monitor your device continuously. Very useful right?

What is Google Play Protect?

This is a new feature that replaces Google’s Verify Apps feature on Android devices. Google Play Protect will automatically scan your Android device and provide detailed information after the scan. You do not need to install anything because it is already integrated into the system.

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Google Play Protect will automatically scan your Android device and provide insights

How Google Play Protect works

This feature always works to protect your device from malware and it’s constantly updating. With machine learning, Google Play Protect can scan 50 million apps a day. You can access Play Protect by going to Settings > Google > Security > Google Play Protect on your Android device.

This feature not only scans the app from Google Play before you download but also scans downloaded applications from other sources. If Google Play Protect detects any suspicious activity, it will either disable that app or send you a warning. You can also see the number of apps scanned, and if all goes well, you’ll see a green checkmark.

google play protect android app scanning
If all goes well, you’ll see a green checkmark.

Find My Phone

If you suddenly do not know where your phone is, you can use the Find My Phone feature to pinpoint your phone’s location. Whether it’s lost or stolen, you can track your current (or nearest) location. In case you can not locate the phone, you can use this feature to remotely lock your device, even reset all data. That way, at least you will not need to worry about your personal information being leaked anymore.

To use the feature above, you need to enter the keyword “find my phone” on Google (using Chrome browser, signed Gmail account like Gmail of your phone).

Safe Browsing

Google Play Protect also includes a Safe Browsing feature that helps you browse the web safely and prevents you from visiting dangerous websites. The website you are visiting will be compared to Google’s unsafe web list. You will know if the site is secure before clicking on the link.

Safe Browsing helps you browse the web safely and prevents you from visiting dangerous websites

The above article is an introduction to Google Play Protect – a useful feature that protects your Android device. Do not forget to share it with your friends.

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