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2 Easiest Methods To Hard Reset Huawei Honor 7x Android Phone

In this article, we will show you how to easily hard reset the Honor 7x; find out how to make the Hard Reset Honor 7x, or how to restore this device to the factory conditions.

The Honor 7x is a 5.93 “device with HiSilicon Kirin 659 octa-core 2Ghz processor, 4GB of RAM, 128GB of internal memory (expandable), dual rear camera 16MP and 2MP, 8MP front camera (with Face Detection), 3340mAh battery, fingerprint recognition sensor and Android 7 Nougat operating system.

Why format a smartphone

Hard Format Honor 7x

Speaking of Hard Reset Honor 7x may raise some perplexity or some fear, especially in those who are not very practical about technological things. However, as everyone can experience, after a while ‘time and continuous use of the device its performance begins to no longer be those of the smartphone just purchased. The reason? In reality, there are several causes that can determine this phenomenon – like all software, even the most efficient ones after a while ‘can cause slowdowns and losses in power and efficiency. In the case of smartphones, this is also due to all those files and applications that we install and that, even if we uninstall, leave a trace inside the phone’s memory.

To solve any kind of blocking or slowing down, there are the Hard Reset Honor 7x procedures, that is, those designed to bring the smartphone back to factory conditions. This is a function already present in the device that must be started, as we will see, or through a combination of keys or through the settings menu.

Reset Honor 7x

The Hard Reset Honor 7x procedure is neither complex nor dangerous; it is important to perform it with the battery charged and with the awareness that once started it can not be interrupted nor can the previous condition of the smartphone be restored. The formatting touches the internal memory of the device and not the possible microSD. The SMS, call log, installed apps, configurations and all personal settings will be deleted; the smartphone will come back as new as if it had just been purchased.

To avoid any kind of problem, especially concerning the loss of important personal data, it is a good idea to organize yourself by making a backup copy of your smartphone, from which to draw once the device has been formatted.

Hard Reset Honor 7x procedures

Reset Honor 7x procedures

We can therefore proceed with the Hard Reset Honor 7x; as said, there are two different ways. They are equivalent to each other, there are no “substance” differences, but only as a type of start of this function. The choice between one and the other is simply determined by the conditions of the phone. If you start, you can use the one via the settings menu, if it does not light up or you can not see it correctly, and you can not navigate through the settings, you can proceed with the hard reset by pressing the physical keys.

The First method – Use of physical keys

  • The smartphone must be turned off;
  • Press and hold the Power and Volume Up keys;
  • Release the keys as soon as the Honor logo appears on the display;
  • From the Recovery menu in which we find ourselves use the volume keys to scroll through the various items and select that wipe data/factory reset;
  • Confirm by pressing the power button once;
  • Select the wipe data/factory reset entry again and confirm;
  • Wait for the operation to complete and when the confirmation message appears on the display, press on reboot system now.

The second method – Using the Settings menu

  • The smartphone must be switched on;
  • From the initial screen scroll to the Settings item and select it;
  • Then enter the Account section;
  • Then select Google and then on your account;
  • Press the upper right button with the three vertical points and select Remove account;
  • Now go to the Backup & reset menu;
  • Select the Factory data to reset item;
  • Press on Reset phone and press again on the next screen;
  • Wait for the reset procedure to end.
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