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3 Common OnePlus 6 Issues and How you can Fix them

Problem 1 – Overheating and poor Battery life

Although the issue of exhausting battery and the overheating is common in different smartphones, the battery of this phone is very poor as the battery drains too quickly. However, it is absolutely normal for the device to become frequently heated when it is new as you download many applications and you probably use it more than you can comprehend.

If you are among those customers using this device and facing problems with the battery, the following guide can assist you to get the remedy.

Method 1 – Uninstall some applications and upgrade to the latest applications

  1. Check the settings of the device to find the issues that may lead to the problem. If one or a few of the applications is the reason to drain the battery of your device, you should uninstall them.
  2. Decrease the brightness of your phone screen and also decrease the time it takes to go to sleep mode.
  3. Also, don’t forget to switch off your mobile data when you are not using it.


Method 2 – Reboot the device and clear the cache partition

The battery issue on the device is similar to a never-ending cycle. You will notice the same story about the battery capacity in the models of the other phone companies. However, if the battery life issue is real, and the charge in your device drains out very fast, you can try to reboot the device to see the difference. If nothing works, you should factory reset the device. However, bear in mind to get a back up of all your files and data as everything from the call logs to the messages will vanish from the device during this procedure.

  1. An easy reboot is all that your device may need if you have not done it lately. Just hold down the power button and click on reboot.
  2. It is a good thing to clear the cache partition to make sure that it is not causing the battery to drain fast. You have to hold down the power button and put the power off. Once the device is in the OFF mode, you have to click the volume down and the power key too.

Problem 2 – It takes too much time notifications to arrive

Whether it is the old version of the device or the new version, a lot of device owners have complained about the setback in the arrival of notifications. However, it is possible to fix this issue by doing the following steps.

Method 1 – Problem with the battery optimization

  1. If you notice that battery optimization is the reason behind the setback in the arrival of notification, you have to click the application off that may cause the issue.
  2. You should also toggle off the Advanced Optimization selection when you click the three vertical dots that are on the top right of the device.

Problem 3 – Auto Brightness Flickering is super dull

A lot of people are complaining about the auto brightness mode of the device not working correctly. While some people have experienced a flickering under direct sunlight, the rest have noticed that the device is usually darker than it should be.

Method 1 – Checking the adaptive brightness in the device

  1. You can check the settings and turn the Adaptive Brightness feature off or set it yourself when you pull down the notification and use the brightness slider.
  2. If you don’t like that one, you can make use of another application to check whether it functions in the same way over the software.
  3. When you make use the brightness slider under the Adaptive Brightness, you can position the minimum level of the brightness alongside the auto brightness level and test it
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