5 Best Alternative Emulator to Nox App Player – Best Android Emulators For PC

You can count many reasons why you’ll find someone using an Android emulator to run apps on their computer. For instance, app developers can use it to test their apps before publicly releasing it or you want to play games that are only made for the Android platform.

It does not matter the reason, utilizing an emulator is a good way to run Android apps on your PC or Mac. For knowledge sake, an Android emulator allows you to install and run apps made for Android on Windows operating system and also Mac OS.

There are many types of Android emulators in the market now and Nox App Player is one of them. It features the great features of real Android with which you can install various games and apps to the PC. It is compatible with different version of Windows including Windows 10. The Nox Player also comes with the virtual location function.

You see, the Nox App Player can meet your needs but are there alternatives to it should you want something better or different? Yes, there are and that is the reason for this article. We would carefully analyze the 5 alternative emulators to the Nox App Player. Read on…

5 Best Alternatives to Nox App Player

  1. Bluestacks

1 bluestacks

Bluestacks is a choice Android emulator amongst the others. It is popular with PC users as it possesses a lot of features that are unique and useful. It is very easy to use and features all the required functions an Android emulator should have. If you seek for an Android emulator that can allow you to run apps and games on PC, then Bluestacks would do. However, if your PC has a low RAM and does not have much processing power, then it may not be the right one for you because it utilizes computers resources to a great degree.


  1. YouWave Android Emulator

2 YouWave Android Emulator

If you want a great Android experience on your Windows PC, YouWave Android Emulator would just give you that. It is a Nox App player alternative available for Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 to Windows XP. It has support for 32-bit architecture as well as 64-bit. Quite impressive. Aside just substituting Nox App Player, there are other features that come along with this emulator. It includes support for multi-player online games, for every game geek who has been craving for it. There’s also an app store from where you can obtain apps to install to your computer. Overall, it is a good substitute to Nox App Player.

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  1. Andy Android Emulator

3 Andy Android Emulator

Andy Android Emulator is another alternative emulator which is based on a mobile operating architecture that is supported on PC, Mac, and cloud as well. This Android Emulator performs it functions thereby breaking the barrier between desktop and mobile operating system. You can also get updates concerning the latest released games and apps with this emulator. It also allows syncing.

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  1. MEMU


If you’re in the quest for Nox App Player alternatives, then MEMU can serve as a substitute. The good thing about MEMU is the ability it gives you to create multiple virtual devices to simulate multiple Android devices in one PC. For this reason, it is not needed of you to use VirtualBox or Vmware to build virtual PCs and install Bluestacks on each. Also, this emulator does not take too much of your computer system resource. So if you’re looking for an option to run run multiple Android simulations on a PC, MEMU is great for that.

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  1. Genymotion

5 Genymotion

Set yourself in motion with Genymotion, one of our top picks for Nox App Player alternatives. It is a user-friendly emulator that gives all Android developers a good chance of testing their Beta apps virtually without creating any harm. Right from Android 2.3, it is available for the various Android Operating System. This makes it stand in the alternatives race. Genymotion runs smoothly as it is powered by OpenGL 2.0 Technology. The emulator is targeted at mainly developers and provides full-support to devices for a beta app.

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