Apple iFold Rumors Specs & Release Date

It’s no longer news that foldable smartphone will be the next feature trends. This is so true as almost all the smartphone manufacturers are eager to introduce a foldable device. We have already seen the Samsung Galaxy foldable phone and also the Huawei foldable device which comes with a new monitor Huawei Mate X. There are also rumors that the Oppo, LG, Xiaomi, Motorola and even Lenovo are working on a foldable device. So Apple which has always been the giant in the smartphone world is gearing up to introduce a foldable device.

For now, no one can exactly tell the dates when the phone will be made official. The specifications are just rumors while the images are just the concepts. So you should take the information below with a pinch of salt. Going by the name, the iPhone may come with a different moniker that is not in anywhere connected to fold just like the Huawei Mate X.
However, it may be called an iFold just like the tech giant from South Korea introduced the Samsung Galaxy F or Galaxy Fold. The iFold is not a work in progress and the company may also decide to come up with a new name that will fit the phone perfectly.

Apple iFold Design And Specifications

In terms of design, the concept of the phone shows a beautiful looking foldable device that looks like the Galaxy F which is not a bad idea at all. The handset is set to come in a new dimension that will beat others. So we are expecting something new and great on the phone. It will be built to be flexible offering a double screen display when folded. It will be wrapped up in a flexible display that will be easy to handle with a single hand. The patent application shows on the images is an easy to bend device which could be another product like iPads and Macs.  This means two people sitting across each other will be able to look at the same screen.

iFold Release Date

Apple has already filed a patent for the iFold device. This does not actually mean that Apple is already working on a foldable phone. Furthermore, there is no news of when the phone will be launched. However, the rumors we have so far suggested that if at all there will be any foldable phone from Apple, it will be around 2020 or 2021. So we are expecting to see a new innovative smartphone from Apple just like Samsung and Huawei.

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