Apple uses Memoji to represent the board on the occasion of the International Emoji Day

On the occasion of the International Emoji Day, Apple has leveraged its Memoji ads by replacing all senior executives on its referral site, using images created with this new Memoji feature.

Tim Cook, Angela Ahrendts, Jony Ive, Eddy Cue, Craig Federighi, Luca Maestri, Phil Schiller … are all represented on Apple’s introductory page with Memorable Memoji.

Apple is represented by representatives of Memoji

Memoji is a new feature built into iOS, with the iPhone X. Similar to Animoji, this feature helps in rendering 3D human faces with the ability to customize the facial features to personalize the image most similar to the user.

Tim Cook is “Memoji”

You can choose the color, hair color, hair style, eye color, eyebrows, nose, or even facial features as well as accessories and hats when creating a memoji.

Currently, Memoji, as well as Animoji, can only be used on iPhone X with TrueDepth 3D camera clusters. However, with future Apple devices that use this technology will also be able to use this interesting feature. This will be an interesting trend and investment will thrive in the future.

To commemorate Emoji’s International Day, Apple has also highlighted the emoticons that appear in Unicode 11, which may be incorporated into iOS 12 later this year. These emoticons include a cold face, party face, pleading face, peacock, kangaroo, parrot, etc. with options for red hair, gray hair and no hair.

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