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Best Apps to create avatars in 2024

In this article, we select the best apps to create custom avatars from your Android smartphone.

Avatars are the image we show to others on numerous social networks. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, or any other, our avatar identifies us. 

There are those who choose a photograph of themselves, others for an image taken from a series or film, even a fruit. But there are those who prefer to give a close-up image to themselves by creating a caricature.

Creating these funny avatars is also very easy to do on our Android devices. Today we have many tools at our disposal to create our digital “I” and then replace the typical image with a more fun cartoon that represents us.

The developers have released very complete and simple applications with which to create ourselves in an avatar.

Today we will collect the best applications to become a caricature and therefore have more fun and personal public avatar.

The best apps to create avatars

The most veteran of the place will remember how only a few years ago, the Internet was full of personalized avatars that users of social platforms such as forums or messaging services used to represent their image to other people. 

The arrival of smartphones in our lives meant that we all had a camera in our pocket so that personalized avatars had been forgotten, as the vast majority replaced them with their own photographs.

But that doesn’t mean that avatars have gone out of style, far from it. In fact, there are dozens of apps that allow you to create this type of images for free, to use them later as profile pictures on social networks, messaging services or any other type of platform. In this article, we select the best apps to create custom avatars from your mobile phone.


We come to the last application and no less important. Bitmoji allows you to create a digital copy of yourself as a post or in which you can edit every stretch of the avatar until it’s just like you. Change clothes, hairstyle, accessories, you can even add your own gestures. Very complete.

Bitmoji is probably the most popular and widely used tool for creating custom avatars. Thanks to its Android application, you can easily generate and customize a “virtual clone” and adjust any aspect before sharing it with the world.

One of the peculiarities of Bitmoji is that thanks to its popularity it has integrated into other applications such as Snapchat or Gboard itself, so once our Bitmoji has been created, it will be available in any compatible app to send it as a sticker or emoticon. Of course, the possibility is also offered to download the avatar for free to use as a profile picture on social networks.


If you prefer not to be an Android and to be a person, FaceQ is a very interesting application. Create avatars easily with this application. Model your head, put the shape of your eyes, and your hairstyle, all well configured to be your copy. 

Once you have shaped your head so that it looks like you, you can go through the closet and dress it with a large number of existing clothes and accessories. Even costumes or movie costumes. There is even an Iron Man suit.


ZEPETO is an application to create “virtual clones”, which a few months after its arrival was already able to accumulate a community of millions of users from all over the world. It is a tool that, through a selfie, allows us to automatically create our avatar, in addition to personalizing it with clothing, different haircuts, accessories, and more.

In addition to allowing the generation and export of custom avatars from an image, ZEPETO also offers the possibility to generate packages of emojis using the avatar itself and even to create animated clips with our character. The application is available on Google Play and can be downloaded for free.

Square Avatar

An application whose end result looks more like a drawing than an avatar. Create funny avatars where your character is grabbing a smartphone. Add numerous accessories, facial gestures, scenes. Everything you like to create the perfect avatar for your social networks.

This application is free, except that some features are only for the PRO version. These include exporting to PNG with a transparent background and removing advertisements. For this, you will have to pay € 1.19.

Create Avatar- Anime

Do you want to create an avatar of a new anime character? Or maybe you want to create an image of your favorite character following a pattern, but don’t know how to draw? With the Create Avatar- Anime application there are a huge number of elements that allow you to create original characters- ninja, modern style, fantasy, science fiction, knights, school, romance.

You will be able to adjust eyes, mouth, hair, clothes, and much more. You can easily use the design on social media.

Fam, Funny Avatar Maker

It is a very simple and intuitive app to create avatars where you can create personalized characters in your image and likeness.

It has a text adding the feature, so you can include the phrase or name you want within the image. Once ready, you can share it on your social networks.

My Idol 3d Avatar Creator

It allows you to create an avatar from your photos. The application has facial recognition software and through this process, it will follow the image we have selected and created a caricature of it.

This app to create avatars has the ability to place the comic on different backgrounds and animate them, as well as adjust parameters such as hair color, skin color, or style.


Become an Android thanks to the application launched by Google to create avatars. Model the android into your own copy of the antenna. You have all kinds of clothes, fun objects that can characterize you, and even Google devices such as Android Wear watches.

Even the application allows you to create gestures to have your own GIF. Dance, movement, many actions that will transform your Android into an animated being.

We invite you to comment with other applications that you like to create avatars. So between our content and yours, we will have a more than a complete article.

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