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Even if you are not a professional photographer and retoucher, you still have an opportunity to do the photo post processing well, as there’s a huge number of best free photo editing softwares. But why have they become as popular as Photoshop or Lightroom? Their main advantage is that they are free of charge. You do not have to pay a subscription fee every month. These programs offer a really high speed of image editing and color correction work and no lags.

You do not have to buy an expensive laptop or PC, as you will need only a browser and a Flash Player to work with photo editors. In case you are not so skillful in photo editing or you don’t have time to fix photos manually, you can outsource photo editing to the services like FixThePhoto and receive professional photo retouching from about $5 per image.

10 Online & Free Photo Editors

1. Fotor

Fotor is worth to be the best free online photo editor. Why is it great? Because apart from the picture retouching this program gives you an opportunity to create photo collages. The only minus is a lot of advertising pop-up windows, but it is a problem of almost all free software.

The first thing that will please you when you run the program is a plain but very convenient interface. It comprises five tool categories- basic photo editing options, different filters, effects that will help you make your photo B&W or apply some color glares, shadows, and other interesting effects.

This program can become the best free photo editor for close portraits. Besides the basic photo editing functions, it has some interesting settings for photo retouching. It means that now you have a chance to hide some skin defects, enhance the tone of the face, play with the shapes and add digital makeup. Isn’t it amazing?

Another category of tools includes some standard ones for adding frames, text, and stickers. Even though this program is quite easy and comprehensible, it is simple, and this is its main disadvantage. Also, here you can work only with JPEG or PNG file formats. Summing up, Fotor is a simple software for basic picture editing. It’s a great choice for beginning image retouchers, as it’s equipped with all the prime tools.

2. Pixlr

It is good for basic image retouching and for editing pictures for Instagram. Among its advantages, these are a simple, comprehensible and customizable interface, which is very similar to Photoshop, as it has the same functions, tools, and the main panel.

Pixlr image editor offers a gradient blend, highlight, Bucket tool, supports RAW format files, etc. In case you have worked with Photoshop software earlier, it will not take much time to get used to the Pixlr, as they are similar. However, everything is not so perfect, and the thing that can bother you is advertising.

If you do not have to do deep picture retouching, you can always find a simplified version of this image editor on their website – Pixlr Express. Due to its simple interface and a smaller amount of tools, you can edit your images easily and quickly. Here you can crop the picture, adjust the brightness, add different effects and filters, frames text, etc. There is also a great number of stickers as well, and you can see new ones from time to time, especially those related to the forthcoming holiday. Pixlr Editor is probably the best choice for the beginners and people looking for a worthy free photo editor.

3. BeFunky

BeFunky is also a free image editing program, but it has some limited functions. In general, the editor is equipped with the principal tools for working with images, such as rotating, cropping, color correction, adding color effects and filters. Nevertheless, the program is thought to be free, 70% of all the content turns out to be paid. In addition to this fact, don’t expect that there will be no annoying advertising.

BeFunky photo editor can be called the best photo editor online if to talk about its effects. There’s an incredible number of them so that you cannot even decide what you want to choose. However, there’s a little nuance as well. As soon as you open any effect, you will notice a small sign of asterisk and understand that at this point you just can’t get those effects. You can use BeFunky’s offer and buy a premium version of the software. As for free version, it’s not so bad. In spite of the fact that there’s a lot of advertising and a great number of paid functions, there’re still many textures, filters, and different extra image editing options.

Don’t forget that here you can also create a collage or graphic design with the help of the separate module, but, unfortunately, there’s also the problem with free content. You’ll have to pay $5 per month.

4. Ribbet

The next online program for image retouching is Ribbet. It resembles BeFunky in some way. The first thing that is worth noticing is an excellent and comprehensible interface that is filled with various tools. Just like all the free programs mentioned above, this one has all the basic functions for photo enhancement. In comparison with other image editors, the Ribbet features a great number of seasonal elements and filters that are related to specific holiday and events.

However, you’ll be able to open and use some photo editing tools and elements only after the registration. In order to get access to all the premium content, you’ll have to subscribe, like in case with BeFunky. Using the extra modules, you have an opportunity to create various collages and design different cards or templates.

5. Ipiccy

You must have heard something about the iPiccy online image editor, as it is one of the most popular programs on the web. Of course, it is equipped with all the necessary basic tools such as cropping, correction of colors, various filters and effects. By the way, one of the main benefits of this program is free access to practically all functions.

When you open iPiccy for the first time, it seems to be similar to BeFunky. It also has the same image color correction settings (exposure, brightness, saturation, white balance, shadows). However, the main distinction between these two programs is that iPiccy has all its content for free except some filters. Moreover, this program has a unique function that is very useful for amateur photographers – auto photo saving.

However, everything is not so perfect as it may seem. The main disadvantage is the speed of work. Some settings, for example, adjusting color correction, is too slow and it may be really annoying. You will have to wait sometime during the workflow, but you will be definitely satisfied with the result.

6. FotoFlexer

FotoFlexer is a simple image editor that will please you with the very convenient interface and absolutely free photo editing options. The interface is quite simple but user-friendly. There is a great variety of designing elements and it even supports animated stickers. Again, there is much advertising. Due to the fact that the developers have not updated the FotoFlexer for a long time, get ready to face the slow speed of work. In case you compare this app with the iPiccy, the difference may be significant. For example, there isn’t an auto photo saving function, so you will lose all your results if you close the page and you will not have the chance to restore it. At the same time, you can’t complain as the FotoFlexer is absolutely free and the developers do not require any subscription at all.

7. Sumo Paint

Sumo Paint is an online photo editor like Photoshop. When you start editing images in this program, you will notice a familiar toolbar with a drop-down menu. Here you have an opportunity to use different tools for adding various overlays, drawings, make cropping, zooming as well as adjust a great variety of color correction settings, such as brightness, shadows, exposure, highlights and so on. Such tools are free of charge, so you can freely use all of them. In case you would like to work with Sumo Paint to apply some beautiful filters or effects, I am going to upset you because this function is paid. Nevertheless, you can find a couple of excellent effects here without any payment. Another great feature of this picture editor is layers. It’s easy to apply them. In comparison with the previous image editing programs, this one is super fast.

If you have ever used Photoshop software, it will take you a few minutes to get used to the Sumo Paint. In general, the app is quite good, except for one nuance. About 50% of all the content is paid, and, of course, there is a lot of annoying advertising. During your picture editing workflow, get ready that every 15 minutes you will be offered to update the app.

8. Polarr

Pollar was the best photo editor online in 2024. It is very comfortable for work and really fast. If to talk about the main benefits of this app, then it is worth mentioning amazing color correction settings and absolutely free content.

If you have ever worked with Lightroom, you will notice a little similarity between these programs. The interface is very good because it is easy and understandable. There are options for photo importing or exporting, you can use color filters on the left side, and a toolbar on the right. With the help of the top panel, you can learn about the size of the image, rotate and zoom it. The panel at the bottom will provide you with a possibility to choose or delete pictures, which are already uploaded to the program.

Polarr is a really fast free photo editor. Whether you are working with curves, applying some effects or doing color correction, your workflow will be really quick and smooth. Another very important and useful feature is the chance to save your own presets for the pictures (like Lightroom offers). It is very helpful if you want to perform the same image editing with several shots.

9. Aviary

Aviary is famous for its stylish color effects. This program will surprise you with a plain, but quite attractive and interesting interface. Aviary is the software designed by Adobe, that’s why it is really good! It is also the best online image editor due to its incredible functions. Here you can retouch skin blemishes, adjust body shape, whiten teeth and, of course, perform the color correction just as Camera Raw does. All these options are absolutely for free. In addition, there is a special feature as access to Adobe Cloud Storage. It is paid, by if you really need it, it’s still very convenient and useful.

10. PiZap

The last free online program for photo editing in PiZap. It is oriented on social media. After editing your image, you can share it with your friends on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

This software will offer you to open the page by choosing HTML5 or Flash, that’s why it is compatible with any device. To start working, you can upload the photos from your computer, social media account or cloud storage. The interface is nice and stylish.

There is just one slider to adjust color correction and no curves adjustment at all. Annoying advertising will irritate you every 15 seconds. In addition to the limited toolbar, 50% of all content is paid. Taking all these facts into account, I can say that PiZap is not the worst online image editor, but it is not also the best photo editor app for iPhone and Android.

So, I hope this article about the best online image editing softwares was really useful for you. Every program has its own pros and cons, and you have to decide which one is best for you.

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