Best Smartphones Selling Under $100 (August 2024)

Most people don’t know that Xiaomi is seller of phones that are cheaper than $100. Most of the phones that are appearing now are more than $100 and when you think about it, some believe that a phone below a hundred dollars won’t have the space that is needed to store paraphernalia. One thing we are sure of is that to buy these kinds of phones will be getting harder though smartphones companies are looking for ways to manufacture cheap phones at great budget prices.

So, you want a budget smartphone that you may utilize for more than the basic things people do with their smartphones. That’s great. Keep reading this article because even though the phones listed below are budget phones, they also offer more in features; sometimes that these may surprise you.

Xiaomi Redmi Go

Price- $62.70

Redmi Go

This is the cheapest phone on this list. It is really affordable as you can see from the price. We looked at the processor and found it as an entry-level one that may not favor much intensive video games such as being released today. Of course, the camera is not a high-level one. 8 MP for the main rear camera can hardly be enough and relying on the 5 MP lens at the front for selfies isn’t a good idea as well. things are just low there but this is perhaps something a teenager would love.

The RAM of 1GB and ROM of 8GB is hardly special but you can step things up with a microSD card any time you feel like it. Of course, the screen is not that great but you can still watch movies and play other kinds of videos on it.

Realme C2

Price- $88.35

Realme C2
Realme C2

You may be thinking that this Realme smartphone should pack more features than the Redmi Go. Yes, it looks so because when i checked the RAM I found 2GB and 16GB for the ROM. Wow! Some good stuff there as you you could also increase that through a microSD card. Looking at the 4000 mAh battery too, someone may feel like this is an above-hundred-dollars phone, which it is not at all. To make things better, this smartphone arrived with three cameras and they are 13 MP for the main rear lens which is accompanied by 2 MP but for the selfie camera, there 5 MP which is not bad at this level at all.

The screen is even bigger than 6 inches and most adults would love this kind of phone. However, the chipset area also smirks of entry-level features.

Infinix Smart 3 Plus

Price- $98

Infinix Smart 3

Ooops! That’s quite close to a hundred dollars. This phone must surely pack up more features than all that have been mentioned herein. Oh yes, it surprisingly came with a fast processor and when you look at the storage you’ll see 2GB of RAM and 32GB of ROM. Still, make life better by increasing it if you want things that way. like the aforementioned device, this one too comes with three cameras. The rear lenses are 13 MP and 2 MP, while the front lens for selfies is 8 MP, thereby stepping up features a bit. Yes, go out there and take pictures and you can be assured to have nice colors that appear so natural. The screen display is also larger than 6 inches.

Xiaomi Redmi 7A

Price- $84

Redmi 7A

Now, here is a somewhat small mobile device (5.45 inches) that is able to hold a 4000 mAh battery. But that’s not all because when I looked at it, it has two cameras; one to the rear and the other to the front (12 MP and 5 MP). These cameras perform well during the day or in the light but don’t think of making using them in low-light conditions as that can be disappointing. In addition to that, this phone comes with 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM which is also expandable on the external side with microSD card. The performance department gave it away as a mid-range divice, with Qualcomm Snapdragon 439 is the chipset.


Take note that all the phones mentioned here are 4G Android smartphones that offer superb browsing network even when the 4G network isn’t available. Try one of these and see just how much you would enjoy it. Even though you may not find the price exactly the same as seen here, none of these phones sells for above $100.

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